Worker compensation cases due to mental stress up 60% in Japan in 10 years


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the silver lining I can say about this is that at least they are being compensated, and not just being told to gaman suru all the time. Imagine back when mental health wasn't even discussed and someone complaining about being burnt out or depressed due to work would be answered with a cold response and some ridicule for good measure.

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Correlation is not necessarily causation. Perhaps the rise is due to less of a stigma for seeking help and greater awareness that help is available.

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But it was a WHITE paper, thus clearly inherently privileged, entitled, and racist.

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Such cases involving women rose nearly 80 percent , fair enough women are treated very badly. Men too but both are socially unable to complain. It’s across the board both sex are bullied and brutalised in the work place, women sexually, men for time. It’s just not a healthy environment for either. Beautiful Japan.

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n fiscal 2010, which ended in March 2011, there were 308 cases of work-related illness due to depression and other mental disorders. The number rose to 509 in fiscal 2019, according to the paper, approved by the Cabinet the same day.

Guarantee there are a hell of a lot more people who need help, but can ask or do anything because they have no options, and their families would suffer if they left work!

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The report does seem to suggest that the rise in the number of cases is due to people feeling more able to come forward, rather than that the problem is worsening, so if true, the shift in attitudes can only be positive.

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It's a shame Japan has to be such a debacle. It feels like everything is just going bad. Stress, low birth rate, falling yen, cults, assassinations. Strangely, there is almost no call for change, no sign improvement on the way.

It really doesn't have to be so lame.

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The 'gaman' mentality means that people struggle in silence, slowly sinking, unable to speak up for themselves or reach out, then pop. There's a mechanical coldness to the J workplace environment that is palpable. Some of those offices you can feel it the minute you walk into the room. Dystopian. Dunno how people bare it actually.

Often coworkers know somethings not quite right with those showing symptoms of depression or difficulty, but there's this cultural hesitancy to not get involved in someone elses 'private' stuff. Many bosses only know how to ride their staff too, and simply don't know the utility of encouraging, nurturing and communicating with their workers. I imagine it can be a real trap especially if you are high on the trait agreeableness, which many women are. Standing up for yourself becomes near impossible to these conflict averse souls. Negotiating skills next to zero. It's up to those around them to spot the signs and have a chat both with them and the bosses blind to the problems.

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A new generation of fragile, weak minded people entered the workforce, no surprise. Most of them are work shy and can't hack it when things get tough.

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Despite getting an award for being one of the top employees in my company that very year, when I asked to take a one-week break due to severe stress, I was instantly fired. It may just be that I worked for one of the so-called "black companies", but I wonder if this policy is also being extended to foreign workers in Japan...

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A new generation of fragile, weak minded people entered the workforce, no surprise. Most of them are work shy and can't hack it when things get tough.

Nothing weak-minded about it, Joe. It's been known for years that people in Japan are overworked, hence the language even having a word for "death by overwork".

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No doubt. Ive had a few coworkers take time off becasue of stess lately. Think corona did a number on them.

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509 in one company, right??? Obviously a massive misprint. I personally know of atleast that many colleagues or friends who have had mental illiness at work and are seriously deliberated because of it.

Or, perhaps the 509 is "correct" and they taking us for a bunch of idiots?

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If and when the government and labor unions get their heads out of the sand and realize that work isn't everything in life, and trying to be No. 1, 2, or 3 at the cost of happies is dead wrong, only then people will start to live a good life in pursuit of happiness.

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It's good that more people are taking advantage of the system designed to help. OTOH, in a country of 120 million or so, it's obvious that many who should, don't, which is a shame.

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It's a vicious circle and a mindset that won't change. It's a cultural thing and a way of life in Japan where every one has to act a certain way and if you act differently you don't fit in. Silence is a slow killer where hierarchy means everything family name, job and job title, respect for things you really don't agree that can be wrong in some since with you can't speak out because of fearing being punished. This is something that is taught from birth to the grave, everything is done orderly in stages and the expectations of how one should be or what someone is suppose to do based on their sex is already decided. For example if you are a girl go to school or college find a job and meet the man of your life in your company or by introduction and then quit your job and become a house wife and take care of the family. If you are a man you get a job marry a women and become a salary man work long hours come home drunk after meetings with the boss and coworkers, you have little family life get up the next morning and do the same thing over. Things won't get any better they will only get worse, along with homelessness and with that built up stress and increase of suicides. Silence is a killer and will lead to stress because most Japanese will not talk about their problems

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A new generation of fragile, weak minded people entered the workforce, no surprise. Most of them are work shy and can't hack it when things get tough.

You call 509 people a "generation"?

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"constantly working long hours."

That is the main reason.

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It is easy to milk that in Japan. I have seen people claim mental stress and not work almost 2 years and half years (full paid salary) then come back to work. That is a nice little break to pursue other interests, hobbies, or education.

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