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Nobel laureate gets washing machine from gov't as gift


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Yamanaka joked that he was fixing his washing machine when Oslo called to say he had won the prize

He should have been fixing his car when Oslo called.

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She is Japan's Minister of Education, Culture, Science, Sports, and Technology. Ms. Tanaka since you're being generous, could you send some washing machines to the needed in the Tohoku region as well? I'm most positive Mr. Yamanaka can afford to buy his own washing machine. ..........Just saying.

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160,000yen will buy one heck of a washing machine!

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A small gesture goes a long way. That's nice though, I think he deserves it. He won a noble prize and he deserves a lot more than just a washing machine. But this is not cash it a gift certificate and that's a great thing to receive. I got from my parents in law when I graduated from officer school and it was a blessing. Anything that helps the finances is a great thing. GB

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Ah, but was it a time travel washing machine like in that Japanese film.

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Maybe the guy doesn't buy into the throw-away society and enjoys fixing something and using it as long as he can. Should have asked if he would rather have a set of tools or the advice of a technician.

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Good point Warispeace. Maybe he likes to be the handyman around the house. Fits his profile too.

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21st century Japanese Novel Prize Winner For Advanced Biological Research Gets Free Washing Machine!

still has to hang his clothes on the balcony to dry.

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-I trust it's not intended to launder the money ! . . . .LOL

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Would have expected Panasonic or anyone else to seize this opportunity much sooner.

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A very nice gesture !

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I love that it is coming from a Japanese woman. Way to go Tanaka!

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Should have been fixing his house.

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It would've been gold if you had said it's a Hyundai

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