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Nobel laureate Yamanaka warns of rogue 'stem cell therapies'


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Rogue stem cell operations?? Sounds very, very scary!!

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Because the medical applications of iPS in treating and in fact curing diseases is so promising. ,there will be unscrupulous parties who exploit the desperation of the vulnerable purely for profit . . .

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I remember an article in Science or Nature saying that the Chinese government started to clamp down on the hundreds of bogus "stem cell clinics" that offer whatever therapies they can convince people to pay good cash for. Not too different from placenta supplements or mamushi powder

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It's easy to see how people can be duped by the practitioners of these "rogue therapies." After all, yesterday alone, nearly 17,000 people became followers of a Twitter account owner falsely claiming to be Yamanaka.

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man, i can't wait for the day that they approve of this therapy. i will be first in line.

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Just thinking of all the messed up plastic surgeries going on in South Korea, my guess is that Koreans will also be trying to get as much money as possible for bogus operations.

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Rogue stem cell therapy?? Will it boost my stealth, lockpick and disarm trap skills?? Guess I just wait til the warrior, druid and sorcerer stem cell therapies are available as well...

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