Norovirus detected at Capital Hotel Tokyu


Sixty-four people suffered food poisoning after eating at a banquet at the Capital Hotel Tokyu in Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward this month. Health officials said the norovirus had been detected in 28 victims.

NTV reported Tuesday that the 64 people, aged 22-63, reported symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea after attending a banquet on April 19. Of those, the norovirus was detected in 28 persons.

Hotel officials believe the outbreak may have been caused by an employee in charge of food preparation.

Food service from the two hotel restaurants that supplied food for the banquet have been suspended for four days (April 28-May 1), officials said.

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Happens all to often in this country, how about they actually get some hygiene inspectors and have them enforce the hygiene standards that are known to prevent these mass infections.

I do not understand why more preparation places and those involved in handling food do not use gloves. It is proven that the correct use of gloves can limit the spread of disease.

One person taking a dump and not washing there hands afterwards can affect 100s and many can not be trusted to use soap after using the toilet so enforce health safety standards.

Some food outlets here look pretty filthy too, take a look in the food prep area of your local bar you maybe shocked at what you see.

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Norovirus can strike anywhere, the biggest restaurant outbreak ever recorded was at a 3 Michelin star restaurant in the UK and was traced to contaminated oysters. You can’t just assume it was caused by someone with dirty hands.

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StormR...thanks for oversharing...

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Buffet food is exposed to customers who do not wear gloves and often we find children handling food carelessly besides adults. Spoons and thongs may be contaminated by people with dirty hands so it may be difficult to put the blame on the staff. Most restaurant restrooms do not have hot water on tap for washing hands here.

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At least the hotel is being honest about how they presume the contamination occurred and not trying to cover it up or deny responsibility.

But who's going to hold their banquet at the Capitol Tokyu now?

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Break out the masks!

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It could be a cough by a carrier for all we know.

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You sure this is not the Fukushima water reaching and now residing in Tokyo?

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You sure this is not the Fukushima water reaching and now residing in Tokyo?

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