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Northern Japan braces for more snow; 83 deaths, 1,184 injuries reported


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TV reporter happy to be reporting a disaster ? u bet, they live on this stuff !

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They need to make stronger houses! Concrete and steel is the answer and change to formula to add volcanic dust. It is why the Roman stuff has lasted while ours crumbles in a few years.

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What was all this talk about global warming? All this snow proves its just a lie well, the sever cold weather in Europe is being caused in part by the lack of sea ice cover in the arctic - a result of global warming. It seems people still need to be more aware of what is going on around them - then there would be less people saying "more sonw! global warming can't be true"

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OH, NO....NOT MORE SNOW. I want to move to Okinawa.

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Everytime I watch the news on TV,I have the feeling that the reporters are happy reporting it!

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After watching the news, I am amazed on how much snow are kept on the roof tops of those old buildings.

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Northern Japan hasn't been evacuated yet?

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What was all this talk about global warming? All this snow proves its just a lie

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not much in Canada at all. Give the snow back. Please?

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Ifd66 and Hellmaster get it, Mr sushi doesn't. More taxes will be nothing compared to the cost of doing nothing now. They changed the name cause the ignorant would judge the climate by the weather. " oh it's snowing see there is no global warming it's a government conspiracy"

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We get a LOT of snow every year. This time, it is all just coming so fast without breaks in between to allow the snow to pack down, and the snow removing machines to do their thing. Snow Country is an amazing place to be! Shoveling snow is great exercise too! And to Canada, I am happy to ship some on over!

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i like how ignorant general people think 'extreme winter' is not part of climate change

what made so much snow? because there is more moisture in atmosphere, and what caused this?

is that so hard to think the so much more water in the air because of heat? this is like elementary science

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With climate change this will be happening more and more. Steeper roofs will be in demand.

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Watched the news on Tuesday night as reporters breathlessly interviewed people proudly parking their cars in holes dug into snowbanks , or "kamakura". The first synapses to fire in my beer-soaked brain were "idiots, morons, cave-in". Sure enough 2 days later the same brain-dead reporters breathlessly reported the same brain dead people being dug out of their caved-in kamakuras.

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First, there was global warming... then when that didn't turn out.. they turned catch phrase into climate change... i hope the Govt, doesn't want to increase taxes due to all this snow

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