Northern Japan digs out after storm dumps up to 2 meters of snow


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Just keep the old folks off their roofs.

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My goodness, maybe that's why it's too cold tonight here in Kansai as well.

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its Extremely hot in N.S.W. Australis still tonight

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RussiaWinter is coming. :)

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Just keep the old folks off their roofs.

Common sense is not common.

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Unusually cold in western and eastern Canada then in Europe and now Japan. Kind of reminds me of the mid 70's.

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Problem is that if the old people don't get on the roofs, there is no one to clear 2 meter of snow off of their roofs.... and then their roof collapses and they are buried under snow and roofing in their futon while sleeping.

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Seems to me that roofs here should be more steeply angled to prevent this problem.....

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Roofs should be heated and be built like they do in the Alps and other northern designs. Where is the humanity in helping the weak, old and feeble with volunteers to assist these needy persons. Because there is no money in Donating charitable time without a profit. Japanese can be compared to the Ferengi of the star trek episodes, ONLY FOR PROFIT not for humanity. Gr the good of the community. Rule #1 Pay me Cash, Rule #2 refer to Rule #1. Greedy and selfish. They wish the can blame this on the US Military for lack of support and causing this problem. The US Military is here to protect the Japanese why are they not helping?

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kurisupisu - couldn't agree more.

I'm absolutely amazed at the low pitch of many Japanese houses in heavy snow zones ie most of Hokuriku, Tohoku, Hokkaido. Just saw on tv news last night houses with almost flat roofs and metres+ of snow.

I've been told by a Canadian carpenter, that a basic standard is 6:12 or 6 units of height for 12 horizontal units. More is better in very snowy areas. Low pitched roofs can be strengthened to support heavy snow loads, but in most cases it's desirable (so he said) to quickly remove the load bearing.

Of course roofing material also influences the slippability of snow and the snow itself can vary considerably in weight due to moisture content, with wet snow often being many times heavier than dry powder.

So why are so many roofs way underpitched? Often the simple reason is the cost. You need more money to build a steeper pitched roof, but I think if you live in such areas it goes without saying - build for the environment. Shirakawago - the world heritage village in Gifu - with it's Gassho traditional housing, should be the showcase for roof pitch, but obviously people choose not to follow such proven designs over the centuries.

My wifes grandmother (passed away 2 years ago)lived most of her life in Monbetsu, Hokkaido, and I have seen photos of her house a few times with a roof pitch more suitable to Okinawa. I often wondered who removed the snow build up.

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I can't understand why anyone would live in an area where there is heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures every winter. Perhaps Nessie can come back to life and explain it, lol.

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