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Tokyo residents oppose new flight plans for Haneda

By Tim Kelly

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They are against kindergartens, pre schools, parks so it should be no Suprise low flying planes are on the list now.

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Send them to Narita?

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"Residents don't have power to halt it, the right to make that decision belongs with the transport minister," said Suyama.

Just in case you were wondering if the Government serves the people.

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One of the new flight paths, depending on the winds makes a counter clockwise arc over the northern part of Tokyo right on the border of Tokyo and Saitama. My hope is that they shift this arcing flight path north and south throughout the day, to spread the burden and not just over one particular area. During the testing, planes were flying over every 2 minutes or less which meant about 30-40 seconds with no noise for hours on end.

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And how many of these residents have complained about having to take the hour plus bus/train rides to Narita? You can't have it both ways, folks. There's a price to pay for convenience and a price to pay for living in one of the world's most crowded cities. You'll have to forgive me if I'm feeling less than charitable here.

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Abe's government last August said it had "gained the understanding" of Tokyo residents.


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One of the biggest drivers of climate change is the massive amounts of CO2 produced by aircraft. They also produce huge amounts of poisonous fumes which will further pollute Tokyo air. There is absolutely no need for more aircraft. Every time I visit Narita the place is half empty. I hope the residents get their way and these unnecessary flights are abandoned.

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And how many of these residents have complained about having to take the hour plus bus/train rides to Narita? You can't have it both ways, folks.

@Arrrgh-Type I don't like the new flight path, but I preferred going to Narita before the airline I usually take home switched operations to Haneda. I miss taking the smooth Skyliner. It may be further away, but Narita is quicker to get to than Haneda. Now I have to take 3-4 trains including that painfully slow monorail from Hamamatsucho. Ugh.

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For many of surrounding areas, it's actually easier to get to Narita. Might be a bit further out, but saves going through central Tokyo to get there. Always found getting to Narita easier. To Koike: it's not just about Tokyo. And stop lying about having got resident's consent regarding increased noise. Also, did you hold public meetings with the people of Saitama to discuss this?

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I am on the coast and have high flying planes above all day long, though it is rare to be able to hear one when inside. I kinda like to see them. I wouldn’t feel the same if they were at 300 meters.

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It seems to me all new airport approach routes are no longer need if more planes don't come to Haneda airport any more. Regular approach routes until now are enough.

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Yes, send them to Narita would be best.  But not possible.  nor the reason why Haneda is being expanded.  Narita has never been a real success.  And rem,eber the fuss when it was being built?

Can we expect the same level of protest at the Haneda expansion?

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Delta, Qantas.. will be moving to Hanada from Narita next week.

Haneda is cheaper access and convention for travelers.

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The issue of flight paths near airports has been an issue globally in the developed world for decades. Whether its Japan, Europe, or the U.S,

The battles in the U.K. over Heathrow and its runways have been monumental. Same is true in many cities in the U.S. And, of course, in Japan, flight paths and related noise have been issues at Narita, Haneda, Atsugi, and Futenma.

Here is the problem in modern society. The things that modern society requires end up creating burdens for someone. Power plants, landfills, prisons, and, yes, airports. And, inevitably, some segment of the population bears the brunt for having to be in proximity to the facilities.

Narita was built precisely because of the issues with Haneda. Of course, this merely shifted the burden to the farmers in Narita. Who did not go silently into the quiet night, but fought back vigorously.

Many of us appreciate the convenience of Haneda. But, clearly, the residents in the flight paths pay a price for that convenience.

And, unfortunately, the decision makers involved usually never have to bear the brunt of the pain caused by their decisions.

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The planes fly over West Shinjuku, with all those skyscrapers. That is an invitation to another 9/11.

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thats literally the only thing koike did , i totally support

such amazing approach route, almost sightseeing trip, airlines should sell all those seats at double premium and people will still pay!

about noise... who cares, you live in middle of Tokyo.. want quiet - move to the village.

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Maybe this won't matter now. With the new coronavirus, tourism will fall dramatically, and the new routes won't be necessary because airlines will cancel routes.

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The best comment I've seen on Japanese news sites about this issue is basically: everyone in Tokyo complaining about this, where were you when the people who live around Futenma were complaining about the same thing, for so long? Anyone who, in the back of their minds, was saying, "oh just deal with it, that's all you people ever say," have no right to expect anyone to care about their Haneda problem.

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STOP such stupid problems.

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