NRA publicly reprimands TEPCO chief over latest problems at Fukushima


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Pffft! And, do you think they care? Start putting some sanctions on them and lay charges against this bunch of dithering rednecks. They know they are untouchable and don't care! -Haven't heard anything from Abe and his cronies since the Olympic vote either. Is it still under control Abe-San? Under media control, yeah!

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Right on Disillusioned....if they start preparing to lay criminal charges against past and present management, watch how quickly oversight would start " improving".

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It's been pointed out before by JT posters, but isn't Tepco's mishandling of the plant slipping into the territory of criminal negligence?

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It would be better if they had given him a sponge and a HAZMAT suit and said "GET TO WORK!"

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Slipping into mishandling ??? It's a culture of mishandlment that was exposed due to natural circumstances. Science had warned about the probability of disaster, GE (makers of the plants in question) distanced itself when told of the "unique" nature of Japan, and plan changes, height of plant,t Tsunami . After two + years we read stories about tanks with NO gauges! And resterants boasting that their produce will be grown as close as possible to a hemoraging N- Plant? playgrounds with Geiger counters? Thousands still living in limbo? Yet those responsible are free, making huge amounts of money and bitching about not making huger amounts...we really should feel sorry for them?, perhaps pay more tax to ease their burden? The whole thing is a disgrace from the start and has now surpassed Vile, bile and believability.

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It is written that "ALPS is the great hope for TEPCO," but so far there has been nothing but problem after problem with this "savior" of TEPCO.

But as our fearless prime minister, governor of Tokyo and other high-profile officials keep reminding us, everything is "under control." Just think if everything was "out of control" ... what in the world would then be happening up there in Fukushima Prefecture? Me thinks these officials had better start looking for new speech writers with more believable statements.

In the meantime expect more of the same. In reality, there is no control at the battered nuclear power plant ... with (I hope not) something more sinister building up in the radiation plagued nuclear plant site.

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Marcelito: it's been criminal negligence for years even before the 3/11 disasters, it's only now getting to the point where the government might have to admit it--if they didn't own 51% of the company, I mean.

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Oh no. A public reprimand. That'll teach TEPCO a lesson.

Yeah right. Bounce those clowns out of this job and find the right people to take care of this. i.e. What they should have done a couple years back.

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Public reprimand, eh!

That's telling them!

That should deter any future offenders and no mistake!

Nothing like strict discipline!

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Everyday it's something..... What will tomorrow bring? I hope it's not so serious! But with these blunders of TEPCO s we can only hope! It almost seems that TEPCO have employees somewhere thinking of new and more dangerous blunders to allow to happen.... Now seriously I know it isn't so but is seems so....

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I did that today with my young children because they left their dirty socks everywhere in the house. But TEPCO is not dealing with dirty socks and they need binding targets, and if not met: sanctions!

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Thousands of tons of water leaking from the plant sounds pretty lax to me?

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A deep humble bow from the hip....Very nice.

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And the future storage of radioactively contaminated water is going to be what exactly?

Answer: it isn't because there is not the space for it!!!!!!

So, it will all go into the sea which is going to DECIMATE the Pacific Ocean from here to the west coast of the US

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In recent meetings, regulators criticized TEPCO for even lacking basic skills to properly measure radioactivity in contaminated areas, and taking too long to find causes in case of problems.

The regulators should do it.

They also have criticized the 30-centimeter-high protective barriers around the tanks as being too low.

If they are too high then they risk damaging the seals - tanks are designed to keep things in, not keep things out.

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