NTSB takes microscopes to damaged Boeing 787 battery


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The NTSB said experts at the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center laboratories were looking at a second, undamaged lithium-ion battery pulled from the same Japan Airlines plane that caught fire in Boston for signs of in-service damage and manufacturing defects. Both batteries were built by GS Yuasa, a Japanese company

Not "both batteries", all batteries for 787 are made by Yuasa.

Other investigators were looking at data from the two digital flight data recorders on the aircraft

NTSB already finished their investigations into Securaplane, with nothing conclusive as to the battery issue.

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The French, the Americans, and the Japanese better get to the bottom of this ASAP!

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I will vote RoSH solder (tin wisker) issue. (same issue Sony PS3)

-My vote for most intriguing tech issue of 2013.

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badsey3Jan. 30, 2013 - 09:22PM JST

I will vote RoSH solder (tin wisker) issue. (same issue Sony PS3)

You're talking about an inter-cell short as opposed to single cell short? And yes, RoHS was the dumbest thing to come out of the EU in a while, put computing several years back due to issues like that and higher temperature soldering.

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All 50 Boeing Dreamliners remain grounded around the world, as the U.S., Japanese and French governments continue to investigate that fire and a separate battery-related incident that forced another 787 to make an emergency landing in Japan.

I think after four weeks, they can stop padding their articles with this paragraph. We get it. The planes aren't flying while the investigation continues.

It would be a massive cosmic joke if no cause is found, the planes resume flying, and these two batteries will be the only two to ever fail. The fact that they catastrophically failed within a week of each other COULD be just a monumental coincidence. That said, I would feel a WHOLE lot better if a cause can be determined because then it could be fixed. As of right now, everyone is just scratching their heads and saying they don't know why it happened.

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