Nuclear authority chief raps TEPCO's attitude toward Fukushima


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"I feel a sense of danger,"

Since day one, 11/3. TEPCO showed itself incapable of running any nuclear plant putting profits before safety and even though the eventual costs of the disaster will be more than ¥50 trillion, it believes it can return to profit.

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"I feel a sense of danger," Nuclear Regulation Authority Chairman Shunichi Tanaka said during a special meeting with the company's top management, adding that TEPCO does "not seem to have a will to take initiative" toward decommissioning of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi plant

thats the same feeling the rest of the world has had for the past six years. International help has been offered and advice given, but all were refused because TEPCO does not want anybody to know what a huge mess they have made and just how incompetent they are at dealing with it.

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Rare to get such insights into the workings of the top minds concerned, and to see what kind of answers are given to valid questions. A thought-provoking article.

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Exactly, Disillusioned. TEPCO could have avoided the meltdowns if they had accepted the help at the outset but they refused. Now they just keep on with their heads in the sand. Their managers should be forced out and competent people put in. Where you find such people in the nuclear industry in Japan I don't know. The culture of hiding issues is pervasive. Maybe Tanaka-san can help.

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Tanaka is retiring in September and the new guy will be Toyoshi Fuketa:

"Fuketa has a long background in research on reactor safety and replaces a figure (Tanaka) who was not seen as impartial, at least in some circles," said Andrew DeWit, a professor at Rikkyo University in Tokyo focusing on energy issues.

"His appointment and international connections may help to overcome the industry's reluctance to adopt some internationally recognized safety practices," he said."

It hardly bears thinking about, does it. Even now, after all that's happened, TEPCO still won't come clean.

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they should have been put into bankruptcy....

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"I feel a sense of danger," 

news...nuclear safety commission approves sendai genpatsu, on a active belt of volcanoes. ehime genpatsu is on the very dangerous tokai fault line. approved. takahama is on the major faultline on the other side of japan. the nigatta one still has damage from the last earthquake that closed it down. the Nuclear Regulation Authority is just a puppet. i have solar panels and i have so much electricity i don't know what to do with it. i leave lights on because if i don't, it is a waste of free eco electricity.

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TEPCO have failed and continue to do so, Government intervention has done nothing to bring this company up to international standards. People are still waiting for compensation living in shoddy conditions. The Government claim it's not on them is false as they own a controlling share of this company. When an expert doubts the capability of TEPCO to run a N-power plant, you honestly have to side with caution and let a failed company fail.

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There are actually many alternatives to TEPCO which should have been put out of business for causing the nuclear disaster. The business and plants could have been sold off to other companies and a new company formed to deal with the nuclear disaster site.

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Unfortunately there's does not appear to be any alternative to TEPCO.

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TEPCO = a bunch of greedy people, incompetent, arrogant and dangerous. This company should have been put out of business already, only ties with the government saved them.

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Nuclear authority chief raps TEPCO's attitude toward Fukushima

Yo Yo Yo Check it out yo

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Before the people of Fukushima wreck yo self

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An we aint gonna give you a pass

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Pack it in son

Cause you know you done


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 The culture of hiding issues is pervasive.

According to Snowden, US is hiding more serious things such as implanting bombs at nuclear and other infrastructures in Japan.

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