Nuclear fears galvanise usually sedate Japan


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And as numbers swell there are indications the country’s usually inflexible politicians are getting worried and just might start paying attention.

Just? Politicians should start quaking in their boots and start doing what the people want. I SINCERELY hope that this is just a start and that people keep the pressure up not only about nuclear energy but the host of problems started by their elected leaders.

Keep it up Japan! It's very heartening to see you start to wake up and start moving mountains!

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But now I find it very exciting.

He sounds like he is not really there for the cause. A bit strange way to talk about your protest. Maybe a mistranslation?

But just that comment alone kind of makes it seems that many may have misguided reason for doing it.

But anyway, as long as no crazies join the party then hopefully this can remain peaceful.

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For more than 4 decades, the LDP gov't's told the people, in fact, promised the people, that nuclear energy was safe, clean and cheap. The people believed their gov't and the thousands of nuclear experts at the various atomic safety agencies like METI, NISA and NSC. They were experts, yes! so they would know better, yes! But very wrong.

But the head-in-the-sand attitude over atomic plant safety and the wrong doings of the atomic power companies came to a head on the 3/11 nuclear disaster.

The country and the people have been betrayed and lied to and the anger from the people started to boil especially when all the collusion between those atomic safety agencies and the nuke village was revealed by the Diet Commission report on the cause of the nuclear disaster.

The people are angry that not a single person in the nuclear decision making chain has been held accountable for their actions or more truefully, their lack of actions.

The taxpayer had paid trillions and trillions to the nuke industry for decades and believed it was safe.

The next general election, probably before the end of this year, will be about nuclear energy.

70% of the people no longer want nuclear energy or want it greatly reduced and replaced with safe energies.

The majority of the people no longer trust their scientists and nuclear experts.

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I think this report is not very true. There are always demonstrations instigated by left wing activists. In a word it is an over-reaction. What demonstrators are saying is childish such as they cannot accept nuclear plants unless they are guaranteed safety of 100%. My neighbors are still "sedate." They know It is not an immediate threat and they fear economic problems that may hit Japan as a result of shutting down nuclear plants will bring more serious problems to their livelihood.

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The people are angry that not a single person in the nuclear decision making chain has been held accountable for their actions or more truefully, their lack of actions.

And, there never will be any accountability. It's interesting that the article states many older people are taking part in the demonstrations. Where were they 40 years ago? That is when they should have been demonstrating. It is too late now! There is no way the J-Gov is gonna give up on nuclear power. They have way too much money invested in it and way too many people employed within the industry. Plus, they are broke and can't afford to use the more expensive alternatives and have no money to develop the obvious choice of renewable energy for Japan, geothermal. This is just another chapter in the dying of a nation. The people may be protesting, but I fear it is just a trendy thing to do like listening to AKB48. It is a fad and will fade as the it always has been done in Japan. The J-Gov will release some BS report to calm the masses. wait till things settle down and restart as many reactors as they can to save money.

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And they are very ordered: protesters stick to the anti-nuclear message and go home in an orderly fashion at the appointed time.

This reminded me of...

"What do you get for pretending the danger's not real? Meek and obedient you follow the leader Down well trodden corridors into the valley of steel What a surprise! A look of terminal shock in your eyes. Now things are really what they seem No, this is no bad dream

Bleating and babbling I fell on his neck with a scream Wave upon wave of demented avengers March cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream."

Pink Floyd.
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There are always demonstrations instigated by left wing activists. In a word it is an over-reaction.

There are more demo's by right wing nationalists and fascists than left wing activists. They are also the one going around city centers in their black vans and trucks blasting out their fascist messages.

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I think this report is not very true. There are always demonstrations instigated by left wing activists. In a word it is an over-reaction.

Since when did nuclear power become a right-wing or a left-wing movement? Japan is a fairly right-wing country and now they're realizing that nuclear is no good. You know why? Oh that's right... Fukushima. And it all happened in their own country.

What demonstrators are saying is childish such as they cannot accept nuclear plants unless they are guaranteed safety of 100%.

How is this childish? Do you want another Fukushima, or even worse than that? We're talking about a severe accident with magnitude that could destroy entire Japan or even the whole world. Fukushima was only "lucky".

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Get ready for the usual, "moushiwake gozaimasen" and "kyouryoku shimashou" that are the usual government attempts to mollify the masses when a few people stand up.

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Schopenhauer, I don't think this isn't a left or right wing issue, and besides I would think deception, lying and coverups are equally wrong from any point of view unless you are blindly following a standpoint for your own selfish reasons without using any independent thought.

Sure, so suggest that Japan becomes "green" tomorrow and abandons all nuclear immediately has economic and practicality issues, however I think what people are asking for really is leadership and a plan working toward a safer future where man-made disasters like this do not occur.

Where is the commitment, the responsibility?

Japan has an opportunity to re-build an ailing nation from this, rebuild industry by demanding re-newable, non polluting and safe energy, the Japanese sleeping industry giant is waiting for a reason to take on the world again. Instead of pouring money in to the defunct and corrupt nuclear village use it to re-vitalise the companies that helped make Japan a world leader.

The issue with the nuclear industry is that they are turning on the plants again after promising that they would be "safe" but they haven't changed a single thing.. and the same self interested parties are still in control.

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The sleeping giant is awakening, good to see.

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i'm confident the short term fear and stress will kill more than the original disaster which hasn't killed anyone.

However changing the energy supply of a country to other green projects will be a much much longer term project and no bad thing to do especially as the current course has made Japan a more polluting country and putting the economy in a worse state sending money to overseas oil and gas suppliers. But I dont think most of the protesters think very long term and in a constructive manner, maybe selfish even as others who will die this summer as result.

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Love those placards, "NO NUKES FOR ONE REASON: LOVE & PEACE" Guess it's too much to expect these protesters to understand the big picture if they can't even count to two...

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i'm confident the short term fear and stress will kill more than the original disaster which hasn't killed anyone. But I dont think most of the protesters think very long term and in a constructive manner, maybe selfish even as others who will die this summer as result.

Another unfounded predictions from the pro-nuclear... In Germany they're abandoning nuclear as well as reducing pollution.

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It's easy to Mock!

Nuclear accidents threaten the whole world. Are we hell-bent on destroying the world? I salute the protesters, and sincerely hope they keep growing. Don't lose hope. Don't lose courage. Love and can't have one without the other, so it is one word, one reason.

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I remain hopeful that this kind of thing does snowball, and as Yubaru says, spreads to other areas of social malaise. This is heartening to witness; the Japanese have been politically apathetic for far too long.

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Another way of putting it is that Japan is beginning to wake up from a long sleep!

Ohayo Nippon!

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It's great to see the Japanese taking steps to reclaim their country from the people who have failed to serve them for so long. Keep it up! As Yubaru says, let it spread to other causes too. This is the way to make the system more accountable. The power is ALWAYS in the hands of the people, even if it usually lies dormant; it just depends how much they want it.

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'Sedate'? Interesting choice of adjective. Apathetic seems more appropriate. Good to see some are shaking off this awful apathy and exercising their democratic right to protest. Perhaps the Japanese aren't content with 'benign dictatorship' after all.

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There are always demonstrations instigated by left wing activists. In a word it is an over-reaction.

"over-reaction"! The loss of nearly a thousand people, loss of 150,000 homes, contaminated land that will never be able to used by civilization, cost over-runs and the numerous lies told to the people, plus a captured regulatory agency and most of media owned by the same companies that brought these facilities to Japan and the US??? The game by Schopenhauer is an intellectually corrupt effort to change the topic and blame citizens for an over-reaction spurned by left-wing wackos. From the pictures, the 170,000 people reminded me of the late efforts to end the war in Vietnam, where people from all walks of life went to the streets.

Isoroku Yamamoto's quote: "We have awoken a sleeping giant." seems most appropriate.

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Do you know what is the closest train station to join the weekly demonstrations ?

Is a demonstration expected to take place this week, or next week.

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"Fear" i not exactly the optimal motivation to get people focused on the underlying problems, as opposed to a superficial manifestation thereof that they can readily point their finger at and SHOUT!

That is not to say that nuclear disasters are not a problem of the highest magnitude, but that the underlying cause of corruption and cronyism that caused the disaster are not being addressed, while everyone has a day at the protest type of diversionary activity as something new.

Maybe it will redirect in some more effective democratic demands for accountability.

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japanese nonsense at his best, without nuclear power they cant exist in long term. how about some demos against smoking? smoking kills more people than any atomic disaster in the past 20years!!!

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Given that a fair portion of the radioactivity got dumped on the US and Canada, those of us from NA should be out there waving a few signs as well at the demos. This affects us all.

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One word for replacement power that is safe and clean. THORIUM!!!

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A system by design that when it fails actually shuts its self down. Look it up people. The only reason it doesn't exist in any real form today is because it can't be used to make a nuclear bomb so it was largely ignored during the Manhattan project and in the development of nuclear power stations that followed. Those HUGE contracts that builders of the current old tech reactors like GE and the even BIGGER waste disposal contracts to handle the 97% waste left over after the spent fuel rods are done is another set of reasons. Those are BIG $$$,$$$,$$$,$$$ contracts that would fissle out (sorry, couldn't resist that one) if Thorium reactors started to pop up every where.

Just think about how big oil companies and auto makers joined together to stalled battery technology so the cars would continue to use oil and the status quo assembly line would not need to be retooled. There were electric cars over 80 years ago and then nothing really until just recently. Why? The first electric car was built in 1828.

Patent squatting and buy outs held battery technology back. The same sort of lobbist rule hold true for Thorium.

Here are a few links but you'll find many more online. PUSH for THORIUM as a safer, cleaner power source!

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Well my husband and I agree on this but it does concern me this will embolden nationalistic groups. I cringe every time I walk by the megaphone protestors trying to kick every foreigner out of the country. They are a dangerous and unpredictable group and I fear for my husbands safety every time we run into these type. Now imagine this kind of protest but with right wing nut jobs mixed in.

The current anti-nuclear rallies are different from the ones against the U.S. - Japan Treaty, which had an ideological and political agenda.

I disagree with this statement as it is not any different and is very political. The same goes for the base issue. I have talked to some that wish the treaty to be nullified and for Japan to return to it pre-WWII position. Fat chance of that happening though. While the current anti-foreigner sediment might not be as strong as the nuclear issue at the moment. It should concern anyone living in Japan that these kind of rallies which we Japanese aren't used to. Can give right wing groups the ammunition they need to galvanize the population though misdirection. Thus putting the blame elsewhere which of coarse happens fairly frequently here. Maybe this is what JT meant by trying to clarify that statement but I say it is not that different.

I am all for change but at the same time I don't want this to be a launching pad for others to push their agenda by redirecting the conversation. You can bet the nuclear just as the oil industry will do all in it's power to change or manipulate public opinion. Just as the oil companies do to bankrupt promising technologies which are seen as a threat. Which brings up the 10 million dollar question. What are we going to use to replace the 53 or so reactors that are no longer in use? There are very few green power options which will work here in Japan. At least at the level that would be required to replace 53 nuclear reactors! Geothermal, solar and wind might be an option but I doubt that will be anywhere enough to cover the difference.

Not to mention it takes power to generate power. Which would be magnified 10 times creating an even bigger problem. No non-nuclear power source comes close to generating what is needed in modern day Japan. You would need to build 4 dams the size of Three Gorges in China just to make up the difference. Even that wouldn't be enough as would come up short. What I fear is that we will start relying on fossil fuels even more which is even a worse alternative. We Japanese don't want to end up living in a city like L.A. or Beijing. Where even breathing the air can be toxic to your health. That is something many Japanese don't have to live in constant fear of.

I don't like nuclear either but unless some of you have a better alternative which works. I don't know what choice we have until then. Maybe fusion power but that is more science fiction then fact. We are no where closer to that then we are to landing on mars. While I am happy to see people finally speaking up it won't do much good even if the government listens to us, which i doubt. I am not disagreeing with anyone here but we need to be realistic. If nuclear power can be that easily replaced don't you think other countries like Germany, Switzerland, America and Japan would have come up with it by now.

It is going to takes years if not decades to change what we have build over the last 60 years from nuclear power. You can't just change that overnight and people need to realize that or face the consequences. I am sure I will get a negative on this even though I am not disagreeing with everyone here. If I could wake up tomorrow and be free of all things nuclear then the world would be better because if it. Just don't expect it will happen overnight like so many of these protesters expect it will. Time to face up to reality while working toward a solution we can all agree on. A nuclear free world which is in everyone's best interests.

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I am frankly amazed that people here are actually thinking for themselves and paying attention.

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Jadedragon, isn't it funny, the government and city office are more than happy to take my money but I am still worthless and am allowed no opinion, fortunately it looks as if the immigration law is changing to allow better integration rather than the opposite.

They idiots who drive around in black vans.. sadly they exist in every country.. Imagine if they actually cared about Japan and they used their megaphones and vans for something positive like helping with evacuations in national emergencies...

I can understand how they are angry with how their country has changed leaving most people living pay to pay in what is apparently the 3rd largest economy in the world, unfortunately I believe they are blaming the wrong people.

Most of the foreigners they actually have an issue with (funnily enough the ones that are most similar) don't take the jobs they want or really effect them in any perceivable way especially when you take into account in Japan there is still quite a low foreign resident population.

They should be angry at the useless politicians that have absolutely no interest in the people they claim to represent.

I can only hope and that as theses usually old and bitter people will take their misguided nationalism with them when they die.

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I am frankly amazed that there are ignorant and dumb people living in Japan who have nothing better to do than to protest against nuclear energy without providing an alternative source of electricity generation that is as safe and as clean as nuclear power.

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