Nuclear plants ordered to check outside power links


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High time! Before this happened, I was not aware that Tepcos (and I assume other utilities) disaster plan assumed that the external power grid would be available after the plant went down. I could have told them then that was a stupid idea. OF COURSE you can not assume that in case of a large scale disaster you can rely on external grid power! Luckily, now they will correct this glaring oversight.

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No kidding, eh, Willi? It's pretty stupid to have your backup power draw from the grid when the grid would go out with the main station. But hey, it is TEPCO we're talking about. These reinforced power cables and watertight structures should have been in place WELL beforehand... but again, it's TEPCO. Some will jump on and defend them, though.

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Hello my comrades, check this: "Japan’s nuclear safety agency has told plant operators to check and improve outside power links to avoid earthquake-related outages"

THEY had to be "told" or they would not have done it.(Buddhism, Confucianism, and Feudalism at its best) Just like they control expression for us, But Ishiharaites, and other can do whatever...But what they dont realize is the "time is at hand" You aint seen nothing yet-j-land!

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Don't have to time to check word for word, but I think this is pretty much exactly what the IAEA advised after the Indonesia quake. Which of course TEPCO ignored, for the simple reason that they are TEPCO.

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As we know, researchers have developed technology to remove radioactive cesium from contaminated water, furthermore, the cleaned water can be recycled to cool down nuclear reactors.

Given, when the removal of tainted water from the trenches, basements and then fixing the cooling capability is complete, the constantly leaking water in the basements can be recycled to cool down nuclear reactors.

I think the breakthrough technology could virtually put break on this painful nuclear crisis.

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