Nuclear-powered carrier USS Ronald Reagan arrives in Japan

By Koji Ueda

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Outside the port, however, a small group of citizens protested the aircraft carrier’s deployment as a move to step up Japan’s military cooperation with the U.S.

It figures. Well at least they're not protesting about the very fact that it is a "nuclear powered" vessel. Seems like the japanese are finally coming around on that issue.

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Great boat, great president!

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I bet everyone loves the idea of a nuke living next to them

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Three destroyers are set to be deployed later this year to Yokosuka, near Tokyo, bringing the number of Yokosuka-based U.S. warships to 14, the largest since Japan’s World War II defeat in 1945, Kyodo News reported.

I can't see why they would be doing this unless they know something that we don't and China is the reason. Why else have such a heavy presence in the area. I doubt North Korea would be the case so is this a show of force to warn China about its growing policy of grabbing land or building it up to claim the South China Seas?

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Keep the Reagan there. It is already contaminated.

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no need to call it a nuclear carrier, as it redundant....there are no non-nuclear carriers. Sort of like how people who are not from New York call it New York City....

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Actually, there is a very good reason to call it a nuclear carrier, if you know anything about "post War" Japanese politics.

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Tomodachi,,no, just like keep an eye on your radiation liers!!

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the presence there for the US Navy is to show "those" that we help protect our Friends. Having the "Reagan" there is also a great boost, as well as all the other Ships.

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traveling,,,she is a ship

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You're welcome.

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