Nuclear reactor in Fukui to be shut down due to cooling valve glitch


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Just shut it down!! Asap!!

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Fix it! Asap!!

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It says something about "stringent safety checks [of nuclear power plants]" - please, can someone help me out here, I seem to dimly remember that this is exactly what's not happening (on international standards)...

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@Elbuda: and you plan for replacement power is.......???

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That's leaves just 9 nuclear reactors working in the country. Kansai power company can generate enough power even without any of its reactors working.

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Replacement power?

Just shut down at least partially, lights and AC's running at full power 24/7 in convenience stores, Patchinko parlors, Koban boxes which are empty.

Make light switches which automatically turn on/of after a certain time frame.

I'm sure there are many more ways to safe power without affecting people directly in a "negative way"

I heard, not sure if true, that 30% of Japans workforce is involved in construction business - could the not "invent" some affordable isolation for the houses, so people simply don't have to run the AC all the time?

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Both KEPCO (Kansai power) and TEPCO will be able to generate more power this winter than what will be demanded, even without the use of nuclear reactors. KEPCO would like to restart several of it's reactors in Fukui which had been shut down for maintenance but the governor has resisted until clear safety guidelines are issued by the central government.

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Until the lights go off at Pachinko places, I am not going to listen to their concerns.

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A./ Because it is shut down it doesn't mean it is harmless and cannot cause trouble, even meltdown. Shutdown doesn't solve the problem, NPPs must be well maintained, surveyed and operated by well payed competent workers and not by those 83,000 that @zichi mentioned in his post of Dec. 05, 2011 - 02:05AM JST .


No indication was given as to how long the reactor would be shut down.

Until they find someone, a well payed skill expert who can fix it or poor ignorant people who are wiling to enter in the hell and die by working without protection. But if they didn't learn from the Fukushima lesson and are still dumb enough to enter, they won't have the skill to fix it either.

C./ As I wrote in my previous posts all Japanese NPPs are rusty junks and will all be out of operation anyway. The only question is whether the operators choose the easy or the hard way.

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"Just shut it down!! Asap!!" really? nuclear power plant expert are we? how do we supliment this huge loss in power??? burn more coal I suppose is your answer? buy more LGP from China? lets see... burn more coal and poison the world more than 10 fukushimas. or buy more LGP weaking Japans small selfsuffiency and increasing Chinas enocmic strangle hold that it is gaining on the world.

"Fix it! Asap!!" yes much more logical statement.

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Robert Dykes,

Japan does not buy LNG from China. Following the 3/11 disasters only 18 out of 54 nuclear reactors were operational. Extra power was generated by gas and some increase in coal. Since 3/11 the CO2 produced by by the country only increased by 4%. A very workable figure.

The biggest producers of CO2, America, China and India didn't even put their signatures to the Kyoto Protocol.

Japan’s imports of liquefied natural gas rose 17.9 percent to 6.12 million metric tons in October from a year earlier. Crude oil imports increased 1.1 percent to 16.75 million kiloliters, while thermal-coal purchases were unchanged at 8.77 million tons.

Japanese power utilities boosted thermal generation by 38.8% during Oct.

All LNG is imported from the Middle Sea, although Russia offered to supply LNG after 3/11, at reduced cost.

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Robert Dykes Dec. 08, 2011 - 12:31PM JST

Agreed. Unfortunately worried people can't make difference between cause and effect. It's not the NPPs that should be shut down but the unscrupulous, irresponsible operators.

It doesn't matter what energy carriers or thermal plants or technological methods they place under their control, they can poison and kill the world with anything they put their hands on and can turn anything into a deadly weapon with their ignorant, immoral control.

The process of becoming human is slow. It was too early to give nuclear energy into human's hands. A very tiny part of humankind drags the world by the hand and tries to raise them to higher level by inventing great things, and it gets into the hands of ignorant politicians and businessmen who have no idea about what it is and they can't and don't want to learn. Nothing wrong with nuclear energy and NPPs. It's wrong with the people who use it in a wrong way.

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Rainman I think my answer was given already by Jan Claudius, Japan wastes way too much energy and we do not even have daylight's saving time! Just a huge waste of $$$$$$$$$$!!!!!

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