Nuclear Regulation Authority drafts new safety rules for plants


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"The move comes after repeated criticism that lax regulation and an overly cozy relationship between authorities and the big-money companies they were supposed to police worsened the catastrophe of March 2011, when a tsunami swamped the coastal Fukushima Daiichi plant."

Why is it that this company only respond to criticism instead of taking action on its own? They are the experts who know exactly what should have been done. They know fully well how much damage they are causing. Just don't act properly... What a shame!!!

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1, Don't allow Tepco or any of its executives to be involved in any nuclear power plant planning, building, running, clean-up.

2, Forcibly close any company which enjoys a monopoly in a region with good profit margins while putting off safety changes and new measures recommended by independent nuclear safety organisations.

3, Make people criminally responsible for negligence.

That would be a good start...

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Are they sure they mean 'rules' and not just 'suggestions that the company can choose to follow if they wish'?

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Or in the words of Captain Jack Sparrow, 'The Code is more like....Guidelines.'

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Nuclear Regulation Authority drafts new safety rules for plants

Rules? Don't they mean, guidelines? So, the meltdown at Fukushima will end up costing the whole country billions of dollars (not yen), and these twits still haven't learned anything from it? It has been clearly documented that the meltdown at Fukushima was a manmade error and caused by laxed safety standards, yet here they are giving 'guidelines' and not direct orders? Seriously? WTF!!!

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TEPCO CEO'S we received the new rules, put them in the ignore box with the previous ones!

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Why bother with nuclear energy? It is too dangerous, you cannot dispose of it, no private insurer would insure a nuke plant. Japan is swimming in Geo-thermal, harness that. On top of that there is solar, wind, and tidal power, there are options.

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Looks like a good list of rules but they need teeth, just like the rats that can so easily bring down operating systems of a nuclear plant.

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