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Nuclear regulator raps TEPCO over Fukushima radiation readings

By Mari Saito

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And there I was thinking the American consultant TEPCO were paying top dollar for was more than just a PR exercise. This is beyond farce, and the government is just as inept for not bringing TEPCO to task.

And oh yes, what was that announcement from TEPCO recently - big profits on the back of the taxpayer? We're suckers with nowhere else to go.

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The NRA just only criticizes them. That's all. Always the same. TEPCO knows that and that's why they don't do anything. Maybe bow in front of the cameras to put on a nice show for the japanese public. It's a farce and a joke. Their CEO belongs in jail and their company destroyed.

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TEPCO needs to go away. Criminally inept. And they must give those profits back to us taxpayers who they took so much money from.

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Almost three years since the reactor meltdowns at the plant, Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) still lacks basic understanding of measuring and handling radiation, Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) Chairman Shunichi Tanaka said on Wednesday.

Wow, what an admission. So glad this kind of institutional ineptitude no longer impacts me.

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More of the same crap from TEPCO. It's always "oops'. We didn't know!" And then next week there will be one of their clowns on NHK crying and bowing. And in a few months it will be the same routine again.

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Yet no fines, no one in jail

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How about instead of 'rapping' them you charge them with criminal negligence as they should be?

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So, the NRA gave them a stern 'rap'? They should be pistol whipped!

Is there anybody in the aka to region that have a bad taste in their mouth every time they have to pay their TEPCO bill?

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They can criticize all they want, but we all know that NOTHING will ever be done about it.

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TEPCO will continue their lies, denials and disdain for the public as long as they can get away with it. I'd love to see many of the TEPCO staff behind bars - perhaps that may deter their dishonesty.

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TEPCO said last week that groundwater drawn from a monitoring well last July contained a record 5 million becquerels per liter of dangerous radioactive strontium-90 - more than five times the total beta radiation reading of 900,000 becquerels per liter recorded in the well, which is around 25 meters from the ocean.TEPCO said there was a calibration mistake with one machine measuring strontium levels of well water at the plant, and it had also found an error with devices that decipher all-beta radiation

OK now.............anyone wanna tell us the real results?? Or were the samples tossed into the Pacific Ocean???

I mean how far OFF was this stuff?

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Reminds me of that Monopoly card: "Bank error in your favor! Collect $200". For TEPCO, monocles and top hats all around.

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The Plutonium is mobile too.

Release of plutonium isotopes from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident By Jian ZHENG*, Keiko TAGAMI and Shigeo UCHIDA


Massive cracks’ found at Fukushima plant; 2,100 Bq/liter of strontium-90 detected from snow blanketing area — Asahi: Cracks up to 40 feet in concrete near tanks of radioactive waste


NPR: Scientists test for Fukushima plutonium being transported in Pacific — Study: Plutonium particles found to have “high environmental mobility” — Expert: Fuel materials may be flowing from plant, “What is actually contained in releases?”


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What they are not saying is that the radioactive fuel has been in the environment since the explosions at Daiichi. Remember when they were finding contaminated pieces of the reactor miles away.

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Underground sarcophagus must be the first in Fukushima.


Here, as the tunneling doing in the world, quickly and as cheaply ...



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Folks have been hollerin to entomb those melted reactors since the incident.....

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Didn't Abe say "It's under control." to secure the 2020 Oympics? Wonder how many more lies will suffice.

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You read my mind, I was thinking about the time all those dosimeters that were put in and how the ground around them was decontaminated to give a lower reading

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Doesn't the Japanese government have a duty to its people to make sure this scenario doesn't occur?

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Yes; by re-opening all mothballed nuclear plants to demonstrate that Fukushima is just one out of many that did not face the same problems. But, do we really know?

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@ Nessie

Reminds me of that Monopoly card: "Bank error in your favor! Collect $200". For TEPCO, monocles and top hats all around.

As regards Monopoly, I'd rather give TEPCO 'the boot,' inserting it in a location that does make the Monopoly character - Rich Uncle (TEPCO) Pennybags - truly jump.

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I like that figure that they have moved 6% of the fuel rods from number four reactor. Remember this the relatively easy onto do. So how many years will it take to get the last one out of number four storage pond multiply that by four reactor, but remember some of them are far too radioactive to even get close enough to unload the storage ponds.

Now remember we still have all those cores either in the reactor, or somewhat melted below the reactors which we still have to invent the technology to handle someday.. So what kind of a timeline are we now talking about, when it took nearly three years to even get started and new leaks of radiation every day, or week or month which has already been going on for three years. And the total profit of the company has not yet gone into clean up or aiding the victims of the disaster. Why is the taxpayer and the electricity user getting stuck for most of the bill as neither the users nor the taxpayers are in anyway responsible for the disaster?

By the way the media here in the United States and our own government are not reporting any of this in the U.S., leaving most or our ever sleeping Americans with the idea it is no longer a problem, or that the problem is actually being solved rather then just delayed. Of course GE is keeping quiet and all those same issue nuclear power plants are somehow nothing to worry about inspire of little accidents being covered up very week, month and year. Keep you attention on the Olympics, nuclear power is nothing to worry about.

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The Tepxo clowns can't do no wrong, can they? Probably aware of it as well - whatever happens, some "critique" follows. That's it. Japan is the joke of jokes when it comes to accountability.

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In a way, I am glad this happened and I woke the hell up to understand what a country Japan really is. Tepco is just the surface and they got hit extra hard. Many of those responsible should be in jail, the company itself should have been thouroughly restructured or liquidated. All of us that has watched this theater unfold since 3/11 knows that will not happen. It's too bad still has the "mysterious", interesting air to it abroad, for this is one of the most change-averse, corrupt places on the planet.

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The bad thing about this is the only ones who really care about this are we, the people.

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From NHK news: http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/english/news/20140213_22.html?play Record cesium level in ground water now at Fukushima

And quote Tepco

TEPCO suspects the leakage point is near the new well because radioactive cesium is easily absorbed into soil and is unlikely to be carried over a wide area in groundwater.



FFS, is there no concrete facts that they have???

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Just another slap on the wrist that will go unnoticed by TEPCO.

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More play acting orchestrated by Shinzo Abe before firing up the rest.

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Totally Irresponsible too. Of TEPCO & J Govt to not have Emergency Radiation decontamination Kits available for the folks who were caught up in the aftermath of the explosion at Daiichi. We all know some folks were in the path of the Radiation emanating from Daiichi. Also there should be Kits available in every Prefecture with NPP's.

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@ Christopher Blackwell

Not a word about it in the UK press either. I suspect it is pretty much a worldwide thing.

Someone wrote: "Folks have been hollerin to entomb those melted reactors since the incident....."

But isn't the radiation also leaking downwards into the earth and water table? If it's entombed that makes it impossible to get to these problems and solve them, if that is at all possible. Bottom line - it's a real mess! I suspect there would be panic en masse if people realized what was really going on, and how bad it really was.

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But isn't the radiation also leaking downwards into the earth and water table?

So was or is Chernobyl

Boron supposedly halts fission...

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I want to know the home addresses of the execs. I bet if a large group of people were to camp outside their estates, it would wake them up a bit. The question is, how much? What will it take? Chanting all night? Lit torches and pitchforks? Or will we need to go further than that?

All I know for sure is that until some sort of action is taken on our part, no action will be taken on their part except to keep taking our money and laughing all the way to the bank.

Of course, members of the Diet should get the same treatment until they move their asses. Its a shame Kan was removed as PM, but it should be clear to all why.

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