Nuclear regulator OKs 30-year plan to scrap troubled Monju reactor


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30 years? ¥375 billion what a colossal waist of money. That figure doesn't include its construction or operating costs over the last 20 years. And they have no idea where to put the contaminated waist. Go nuclear energy.

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The sodium will need to be moved in kerosene. I've worked with both sodium and phosphorus highly dangerous if incorrectly handled.

The reactor over its history only managed one hour of power generation over two decades. Got to be the super platinum of power charges.

As of 2014 the cost of the plant is ¥1 trillion.

No long term government site for the storage of nuclear debris from Monju, Fukushima and the other reactors to be decommissioned.

Now the cost for decommissioning will be ¥375 billion which will increase over the 30 year period, they always do.

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Tell me again how nuclear power is cheap and safe.

So, that's the Monju reactor and the four at Fukushima to be decommissioned. That leaves another 45 or so to go. However, they have nowhere or no way to store the spent fuel from these reactors, so what the heck are they gonna do about the rest of them? The nuclear power industry is reminiscent of the Japanese pension system. They just set it up and ran it with no planning for the future. The pension system is now broke and they are making every person in Japan contribute to it although, there is only 1/3 being paid into it as is being paid out of it. This is the same for the reactors. It costs around 3 times more to dismantle them than it does to build them, without including the cost of storage facilities for spent fuel. They are absolute idiots that couldn't manage sex in Shinjuku with 500 bucks!

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So, that's the Monju reactor and the four at Fukushima to be decommissioned. That leaves another 45 or so to go.

Fukushima No1 =6 reactors. Fukushima No2 =4 reactors. Seven further reactors at five plants have NRA permission for decommissioning but in the end the total will be about 20 reactors.

About 20 reactors if turned on would only be able to generate about 15% of total power demand compared with 27% prior to the nuclear disaster.

The cost of decommissioning a commercial reactor is the responsibility of the power company owner. The cost of nuclear waste will also be the power company. But that means the consumers will/have paid already. The size of Aomori reprocessing plant will have to be increased for the storage of spent fuel or placed in dry casks and stored.

Most the previous spent fuel at the Fukushima plant is in dry casks in storage. Probably better to keep the plant at point of decommissioning. The spent fuel could be removed but the reactors left in place and encased in concrete.

Cost of Decommissioning and Disposal of Nuclear Power Plants

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Monju, the white elephant. Endless trouble. Much better to shut this thing down. Thank goodness the authorities made the right choice here.

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where to take the spent nuclear fuel.

Easy. Ask good friend Kim Jong Um or Elon Musk to send it to space on a rocket.

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the state investing 1 trillion yen 

Nice ROI.

Yeah the government screwed up once again but finally cutting the taxpayer’s losses is that right thing to do at this point.

But the greater lesson to learn is that government shouldn’t be in long term ‘investments’ with our money. The linear bullet train is another spend that I doubt will ever justify itself. Go ahead if you must but not with my taxpayer money.

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What an unbelievable and colossal waste of money this little experiment was.

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What I like the most is the fact that the entire pathology of the aroma energy industry will be accurately reported. :) :)

This is an event in Monju in 2010 ...

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Monju will go down in history as an example of what can go wrong, will go wrong. An insanely expensive mistake that just keeps on giving. The thing was online for what , days? The cost and figures are almost beyond belief. Now the decommissioning.

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1 trillion yen ($9.46 billion) had been spent for worthless facilities.

But,Nobody take responsibility in Japan.

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