Nuclear regulator recommends new entity to run Monju reactor


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Close it down. It is a waste of money. Renewable energy could have been decades ahead of now if the money had been spent there.

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"..... and many countries have abandoned the costly programs to develop them."

But Japan continues with it. Totally agree, it's a waste of money!

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The Fast Breeder Reactor should have a new operator I agree with the NRA on this. Fukushima Daiichi should also have a new operator. Because JAEA can not be relied upon on that nuclear site either.

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Four interesting things about Monju that you may not know:

Monju is a sodium cooled, MOX-fueled, loop-type reactor. MOX-fueled reactors use surplus weapons-grade plutonium. IOW, it eats nuclear bomb making stuff.

Monju has been inoperable for most of its two decade existence.

It is situated near a thought to be 'inactive' fault line that has become less inactive in the past 30 years.

The name Monju comes from Mañjuśrī - bodhisattva associated with prajñā (transcendent wisdom) in Mahayana Buddhism. In Japan, traditions held that Mañjuśrī (Monju or Monjushiri in Japanese) "invented" nanshoku, or monastic homosexuality.
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Gov't of Japan should wait a little bit more time how works Nuclear Fusion will starting soon in Europe. Oh boy if that work out like supposed to, Japan should implements at soon as possible!

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Fukushima Daiichi should also have a new operator. Because JAEA can not be relied upon on that nuclear site either.

JAEA does not run Daiichi.

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What difference does the operator make? The thing has almost never worked properly. I suppose it would be fun to play with to see how hot you can get it without blowing anything up, but other than that, what use is it?

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Good to see Shunichi Tanaka is doing his job and not bowing to LDP,s wishes. Bet you a bottom dollar that Abe will have him replaced as soon as he can when his term is near expiring and appoint himself more of a N village yes man. Wish I,m wrong, but fo rnow well done Mr.Tanaka.

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Bite the bullet and shut it down, permanently. Disaster from th start.

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Yes, beset with serious troubles from day one.

Massive lapses in elementary safety procedures have been discovered there time and time again. Thus this recommendation to change nuclear regulator. Sadly, there is probably no organization either able or willing to shoulder such a job.

A partly-formed monster.

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Engineering failures as bad as Fukushima was and is should be felonies. But don't leave out the executives from that.

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