Nuclear regulators' Fukushima crisis probe hit by coronavirus


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BS, these "investigators" have had nearly 10 years to get their job done, and are just using the virus as an excuse!

> "We can't do it during the summer period," a senior NRA official said, as it will be impossible to carry out an investigation under the summer heat wearing heavy radiation protection gear.

Right, but the 4,000 workers can all drop dead for all you care! This is BS too! If you can't do the job, get someone who can and quit wasting our tax money!

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They'll say anything to avoid telling everyone the truth. They are in protective gear (i hope) which gives them better protection than the Abenomasks we (well some people) received from the J-Gov. Besides that, what's to investigate? Everyone already knows TEPCO ignored safety regulations so that they can enjoy profits and all their Osens and other company sponsored vacation spots. And who puts emergency cooling systems for a nuclear power plant below sea level?

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10 years? And how many tax payer dollars, these guys have found a way to justify their incompetence using my tax money. Now summer is coming so they still get paid for doing nothing?

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So they're concerned about the virus? The summer heat too much in all the protective clothing? What are the working and living conditions for the clean up crew? I would assume summer heat be damned for the crew, and I doubt if they're living within acceptable social distancing guidelines. Let us see their conditions. Also remember that Abe told the world that Fukushima has never been and will never be a threat to Tokyo when he was touting his Olympics. If you can't get regulators into the site, how do we know the site will be safe for the Olympics? I may be wrong but I believe the next step in the precarious process was to begin pulling the spent fuel rods this year, but because of the Olympics it was postponed to next year. Now that the Olympics could possibly be held next year, are they going to delay again?

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The cost of the investigation will be nothing compared to the overhaul and eventual costs of more than ¥50 trillion. ¥25 trillion spent already.

Back in 2011, the government said it would only cost ¥5 trillion.

11,000 nuclear refugees still living in temporary accommodations and about 44,000 who left the prefecture and probably won't return to live there again.

The current most serious situation is the spent nuclear fuel in the 1-3 cooling pools. The reactor buildings housing the pools are damaged and structurally weak from the earthquake, tsunami and explosions.

The removal of the spent fuel from the No3 reactor continues but it will take until sometime next year to complete. That will leave the fuels in No1&2 reactors. Both very difficult with the highly deadly levels of radiation.

If the site was hit by another powerful earthquake, serious damage could occur to those pools releasing higher levels of radiation that the original disaster.

The 4,000 workers are well protected when working outside although now in many areas the radiation levels were reduced allowing worker to wear less restrictive clothing.

But there is a new building, built with few windows to keep the radiation out. There the workers go to kit up on arrival. A place to relax and eat. No mention in the post how TEPCO are dealing with the Covid-19 and worker social distancing. Another very difficult problem.

No news about virus testing or checking the temperatures of workers on arrival.

I think to date, about five workers have died from the disaster. Two on the day of the disaster, and three more from radiation exposure since.

The NRA survey is needed to establish the current conditions and has nothing to do with having 9 years to have done it.

The times for scientists inside the reactor buildings are limited by the exposure to very high radiation levels. Wearing very hot and restrictive protective clothing which must be hell in the hot summer months.

The taxpayer is picking up most the tab for this disaster.

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The large workers break building

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No news on TEPCO/PM Abe's intent to dump the waste water into the ocean.

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SARS-CoV-2 isn’t going anywhere. Pick your NRA team. Test then quarantine then send them. Yes it is hot in the summer.

Not one kilogram of the triple meltdown has yet to be removed. Not one fuel rod from Reactors 1 & 2 spent fuel pool has been removed. Yes wait until fall weather. Oh lets not rush to begin removing the radioactive water pumped daily form radioactive contamination of Fukushima Aquifer This will take over 100 years to complete. So what’s the rush? Wait 100 years if we retrieve and remove and store where? Only 10 years if after Olympics when Abe announces we are going to cover up the problem and walk away. Leaving cement dome of doom forever. Yes there is no rush after all.
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The radiation levels inside the No2 reactor building are 15 Sieverts. 530 Sieverts measured inside the No2 reactor itself. The top of the reactor was dislodged by the explosions. The inside of the No1 reactor building was badly damaged from the explosion.

Both pools have debris in the cooling pools. Covering structures must be put in place by remote control. The debris cleared and new cranes and other equipment installed even before the removal of the spent fuels are attempted.

After the completion of the spent fuel removal from the No3 reactor, the next one will be probably the No1, leaving the most difficult to last.

The coriums have not been entirely located and currently there is no know method to remove it.

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Excuses, excuses and nothing but excuses! This is a never-ending story. Only question I got: unqualified, unwilling or unable?

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