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Nuclear reactor restarts unlikely this year


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(Nuclear reactor restarts unlikely this year) but will restart shortly after the secrecy act is up and running. The level of corruption is so blatant, from the local governors all the way to Abe himself. This article is just one example of how the politicians no longer work for the people, they only listen to BIG business.

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They haven't finished paying for the last nuclear plant hit by a tidal wave.

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Tsunami old not be a problem since the plant is 35 m above sea level. There are other problems and concerns.

From a report I came across, from The Nuclear Regulation Authority Citizen Watchdog Group.

Kyushu Electric has a shocking plan in the event of a serious accident involving loss of coolant and loss of power. The company plans to abandon cooling of the reactor vessel and instead will switch to pooling water at the bottom of the containment vessel and having the molten fuel which has breeched the reactor vessel fall into the pooled water. The company claims that this would not lead to breech of the containment vessel nor hydrogen explosions, but its claims are only based on computerized analyses.

The so called Town Hall meetings are rigged and the invited people are the one supporting the restarts. It's just a game. More local people seem opposed than in other locations with NPP's.

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zichi : Tsunami old not be a problem since the plant is 35 m above sea level.

I thought the other Sendai nuclear plant article on JT said it could withstand a 13-15m tsunami according to Dec. 2011 testing.

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everything takes longer in Japan.

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turbotsat I thought the height was 35 m from Google Earth but from checking I know see it's actually 13 m.

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More than half of the residents signed a petition opposing the restart, but the government is still pushing ahead with plans to restart them regardless of public opinion. This is true for every reactor in Japan. I think the japanese people have to accept the fact that, the government they voted into to power doesn't give a fat rat's ball bag about their opinion and will do whatever they like. I'm wondering how many of these people opposing the restart were part of the 50% of the population that actually got up of their donkeys and voted.

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Fukushima plant was done in by 14m tsunami. From satellite maps the breakwaters on the two plants appear similar.

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Important parts of the Fukushima like the emergency generators and the sea water cooling pumps were at or below sea level. The location of the Sendai plant is different and the history of tsunami is less than one meter.

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That's three years of proof nuclear isn't needed or wanted. If renewables locally reduced oil and gas requirements then Japan would finally be free of nuclear and reduce its dependency on wingnut Middle East countries. Maybe have actual insulation of drafty paper mache walls in homes. Eliminating kerosene camping heetaas in homes alone would reduce much dependency.

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The consequence of socalled nuclear diaster is largerly overestimated. Those who fear of nuclear energy is just like animals fear of fire.

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