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Nuclear watchdog to beef up Fukushima monitoring team


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A forward-looking, proactive move....

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Too little, too late. Had they bothered to do their job in the first place Fukushima wouldn't have happened. Let's remember this is a man-made accident. Seriously, why is TEPCO allowed to continue to look after things when clearly they are lying and totally inept. Unreal.

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So interesting. So NRA is busy to make inspections on 50 other reactors and small attention on the ongoing nuclear crises. This must be comfortable for Tepco. I can only predict that nothing will change radically there.

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more "yes" men won't help the situation...

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arsseb. You said it! That is all it will amount to. More lackeys on the payroll.

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""It “appears that you are not keeping the people of Japan informed”, Dale Klein""

Understatement of the year!!! How about if you make it simple and say what you really mean. "You lie to the public!"

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Containment. Please. Do it now. Do it hard. Pound on it. No time for partying (the Olympics). Concentrate and contain it. Please.

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Now, they are thinking about getting some oversite? Yep another layer to diffuse responsibility really will help slow the flow of information. In other news as Rome burnt a panel was organised to talk about perhaps forming a panel to discuss the options in relation to the current fire enveloping Rome.

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Do they believe that the slate has been wiped clean?

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There is no over site unless you bring in an overseas agency.

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Expel the foreigners and quash the 'baseless rumors'- soon to be a headline coming our way?

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NRA is a reactive organisation, they are certainly not a watchdog, they don't prevent anything.

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Yes! Let's let a corporation that caused one of the world's worst industrial disasters because of its negligence take responsibility for overseeing the mitigation of that disaster, with little or no regulatory oversight. Who would expect more coverups and f... ups?

Yes! Let's call in the regulators who didn't do their job in the first place and were partially responsible for the man-made disaster, who are more concerned about getting other unwanted reactors online, and who don't want to get anywhere close to the site because they know the danger. This will help.

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So, the 'new' watchdog is to be formed from reps from the J-Gov and TEPCO? Pardon my scepticism, but how can anybody have confidence in anything this coalition says? The two parties responsible for the fiasco are in charge of cleaning it up? they are more likely to be in charge of covering it up!

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You really have to wonder what it would take for TEPCO to actually get in trouble. Where in pretty much ANY nation outside of Japan former and perhaps current TEPCO heads would be in prison, they are in comfortable amakudari positions AND getting huge pensions from their time screwing everything up in Fukushima and elsewhere, and you have a supposed watchdog group made up of the government, which owns 51% of TEPCO, and former TEPCO employees and who is only out to protect vested interests.

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They should change the name to Nuclear Lapdog!

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It “appears that you are not keeping the people of Japan informed”, Dale Klein, former head of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, told the panel during a visit to Tokyo

Same old story for all Japanese politician, bureaucrats and large corporates.

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Beefing up the watchdog is fine, but if that dog has no teeth to start with...

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And in the interim, the rest of the world shakes it's head in disbelief, and thinks.."what next". Japan is rapidly showing it's true colours and inability to take resposibility for this disaster.

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Even the usual suspects (Japanese apologists or Japanophiles) stay always from this topic.

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All this could be avoided if the American (General Electric) designer of this nuclear power plant informs TEPCO on time that the emergency cooling system valves should be set in motion manually.

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“These actions indicate that you don’t know what you are doing… you do not have a plan and that you are not doing all you can to protect the environment and the people.”

Seriously, the comments given by Mr. Klein sounded like a warning sign in terms of how much a major Japanese company is able to tell the truth,and own up its responsibilities. In addition, it raises a red flag on the capabilities of the Japanese government agency as well as Japanese government itself when it comes to deal with major disaster. The logical question follows: is all of 311 aftermath a part of so call "beautiful Japan" that Japanese politicians stump all along?

I am afraid that the revelations of a possible cover-up may cast the doubts on Japanese government, further erode its credibility in international community in long run.

I am wondering on this particular issue where are those ultra patriots and hardcover nationalists who have been roaming here all of the time, now.

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