Nuclear workers kept in dark on Fukushima hazard pay

By Mari Saito and Antoni Slodkowski

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Vile, confusion deliberate confusion tax monies disappear and not a moniker of responsibility vomit in a bucket has more value then these deceitful baboons.

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first reported in the Mainichi newspaper, the company said the promise to double the hazard allotment was 'aimed at improving pay for workers,'but that did not mean each worker would necessarily see a pay increase of that amount.

When words don't mean anything, nothing does. Lies to the Japanese people. Lies to the IOC and the world. Japan has a lot of cleaning up to do, and it's not just Fukushima.

My Japanese friends feel trapped by the oyagi network and they have no idea when real decisions will ever occur in their country. I can't say my country is any better. Accountability worldwide is in short supply.

How does this not lead to more tragedy? Can anyone post positive news on the reduction of nuclear in Japan?

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This whole article reads like one big double-Dutch scam. Lots of, "I'm not sure", "declined to comment". It's pretty obvious that, a lot of the public funds being supplied for this project are being siphoned off by parasitic sub-contract agencies and not reaching the workers. This is the most important engineering project in the history of Japan and it is being managed like chickens at a feeding trough with the hierarchy getting the major cut of the food. This project should have the highest paying positions in the country and should also be attracting the highest skilled workers, but instead, it's just a front for a money laundering, bid rigging and brown paper bag deals of unscrupulous contracting companies scamming their way into leeching public funds. And, what os the labor ministry and the government doing about it? Not a gawd damn thing! They are too busy scamming the IOC into believing Japan will be ready for the Olympics. Remember Abe's claim to the IOC that, "Fukushima is under control"? Yeah, it's under control alright! Under the control of scammers and parasites!

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TEPCO has declined to disclose details of any of its legal agreements with its subcontractors.

Why are we not surprised ? (Although I suppose they could lie through their teeth as they always have done so far...)

In Buenos Aires in early September, Abe told the International Olympic Committee that the water leaks from Fukushima were “under control,”

Is it really too late to send the Olympics to Madrid ? Then instead of building (among others) that big, ugly stadium in Tokyo, they could send more workers to help the clean-up in Fukushima.

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A national disgrace that workers who are willing to risk their lives at the nuclear disaster site are treated so badly that makes them disposal human beings who can be replaced by other disposals.

The work will go on for many decades and needs sorting now. There should be an end to all subcontractors which is illegal under Japanese laws and even an end to contractor labor. Instead, there needs to be a gov't agency employing the men and ensuring they are being treated fairly in carrying out the worse jobs in the country. They should also be provided with low rented accommodation and free health care checks.

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By then, Sakurada, 52, had already spent a year and a half scanning buses and work vans for radiation as they left the plant. Wearing a protective suit and mask, he worked a nine-hour shift running a Geiger counter over the vehicles in a makeshift tent set up as a decontamination station. He was paid about 900 yen an hour.

This is the crux of the problem. TEPCO can say that Sakurada was was working at the gate which is (my guess) far from the most contaminated areas, BUT the trucks must be carrying and kicking up dust from where ever they have been in the site. Of coursessome places are hotter than others but the whole area should be rated dangerous. 900 yen per hour is hard to believe.

I do have a problem with so many of these workers not really sure about how much they are being paid and accepting the line that they would be paid in the fuutre for accumulated exposure. Again , hard to believe.

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The top TEPCO official at the plant conceded during a July press tour of the complex that he did not know how much of the increase in hazard pay was being disbursed. “When it comes to the pay rise, I don’t have an exact understanding of how much money is getting directly to the workers,” said Akira Ono, the Fukushima plant manager.

All you need to know about TEPCO's competence and concern for its workers -- the plant manager does not know what does not know, or appear to care, "how much money is getting directly to the workers,” Sad and morally revolting, but completely predictable for Japan Inc. where leaders are not truly leaders, and companies work hand-in-hand with organized crime.

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Subcontractors are ALWAYS the excuse given by TEPCO.

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Nuclear workers kept in dark on Fukushima hazard pay, nation kept in the dark about the actual catastrophes, global community? Lied to. Ammoral. Shameless charlatans. Crimes against humanity. Gross negligence, deception and nefarious behavior. Prosecute. Convict.

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"In some instances, workers said they were told they would be paid a hazard bonus based on how much radiation they absorb - an incentive to take additional risks at a dangerous work site."

Ah, Japan. The government promises this and that, merely lip service, and leaves it to TEPCO. TEPCO promises this and that and leaves it to the subcontractors. The subcontractors, which are illegal in the first place but go 100% unpunished in this nation, say absolutely nothing to the people they hire and abuse because they know nothing will be done (at least they're somewhat honest in their lies), and wait for TEPCO to give them more instructions. Instead, the TOP of TEPCO says, "I don't really know what's going on... shouganai, ne!"

Please let this out to the world public and put pressure on Japan in terms of the Games. The government and companies obviously don't care one iota about the human lives of its citizens, but the one thing they do care about aside from money stolen from said public is their reputation in the eyes of the world. And where is Hirose in all this? SILENCE. No doubt we'll hear more promises of 'looking into it' and 'improving conditions', etc., before they backpedal again.

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It all comes down to studying hard when you are yoing so you do not have to do dirt ball jobs.

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It all comes down to studying hard when you are yoing so you do not have to do dirt ball jobs.

so who would be risking their lives and cleaning up the nuclear disaster mess?

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The ministry of development has always been shamelessly curropt, and to hear this, I am not surprised.

However, I for one, am glad the japanese news media is nowhere near as paranoid as the american media; There is by far less fear mongering waged by the japanese government, then the american state's control.

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Is the subcontractor a remaining of Japanese feudal system ? It is really impeding them to maintain complex system where safety is at stake locally.

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Is the subcontractor a remaining of Japanese feudal system ? It is really impeding them to maintain complex system where safety is at stake locally.

While there are subcontractor's like america, there is a branch of the japanese government that one must get permission from for any large scale effort, like the fukashima reactor cleanup for example: Ministry of Land, Infastructure, Transport and Tourism. In the past 20 years, the Land Economy and Construction and Engineering Industry Bureau and Water and Disaster Management Bureau, which are both departments within the ministry, have had more scandals and incidents more the other respective departments. Which is not much a surprise, when you consider it is the Water and Disaster Management Bureau that is in charge of making sure these men are supposed to be getting their pay from TEPCO.

Overall, it is what it is. Shouganai.

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shame on tepco! shame on LDP.

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I couldn't stomach to actually read all of this BS! SHAME on tepco & SHAME on ALL of JAPAN!

This is insane, this should be simple to figure out, workers not getting their proper pay, SIMPLE, slap an immediate TAX AUDIT on the subcontractor & rectify & fine & jail the "managers"

This country really really sucks in 2014, it is more & more embarrassing to call this place home for a whole lotta reasons, but this one is particularly disgusting!

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Wow you would think if you weren't getting paid as promised why work. Also can you imagine what you would have to fight for if you became exposed? Still you wouldn't get nothing. Is the pay worth risking your life for?

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I am ready to see some Dark Suits with empty boxes ambushing those offices like they televise on the news.

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Shh...don't talk too much come Dec. 10 when the state secrecy law goes into effect. Jail time for all of us. But I agree, there is no way we will get to the bottom of this unless the government checks the transparency of all organizations involved...unfortunately it's the government that has all the power and they have no intention to show its true self.

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