Number of pet cats surpasses dogs for 1st time in Japan: survey


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I am not sure if my 4 month old cat has been registered yet so let's just say 9,526,001 pet cats in Japan.

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Cos cats are less work, i've got 2 dogs thought ;o)

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Not coincidentally, the number of strays in many parks is increasing once the "kawaii" phase wears off.

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Kobe White Bar Owner: "Cos cats are less work, i've got 2 dogs thought ;o)"

Definitely! Love dogs, but I couldn't take care of one here, and with the lack of parks they can run around freely in, and work hours and what not, I think owning a dog would be irresponsible and the neglect a type of abuse. Cats are a lot more independent.

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Still, cats face discrimination when renting an apartment or house.

Many of the rooms and houses that say they "accept pets", refuse cats.

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Cats make "purrfect" pets.

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Cats make "purrfect" pets.

The horror...the horror....

I cringed so hard I just dislocated my shoulder.

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My whippet's only been taken into custody be the police twice - not bad, considering his age (ten) and his free-range tendencies. The only thing he's afraid of is Buchi-chan, the local stray dominant female. She'll come at him with more claws than I think is physically possible for a cat to possess.

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And often, when people decide they don't want the cat any more, they don't try to rehome it, they take it to the city, who gas it.

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That's good to know. Love cats, hate dogs. I don't want to see dogs.

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Dogs and cats bring different dynamics to the family. Love 'em both. Got two dogs, one cat.

The cat, all 5 kilos of her, totally lords it over the dogs (15 kilos and 30 kilos).

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The solution is obviously to allow more dogs to immigrate, encouraging breeding, etc. Dogs are more work than cats (likely why some people do not prefer them); cats are more destructive than dogs. How about a hamster? They are kawaii.

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constantly arrested for no lead, but never heard of a cat owner arrested. stay cats everywhere here, but a stay dog will be shot on sight. at Aeon Mall, cats go for about 500,000yen. same as my car.

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Cats are a lot more independent.

Please tell that to my cat who can't be alone for 5 minutes.

A dog is a lot of work but I would love to have one if I had more time, money and a suitable house.

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dog gone

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Cats require less maintenance than dogs. They are good at getting rid of snakes, mice, rats, and other vermin. They do not generally pose threats to the neighbourhood kids, or yourselves. They dont poo in the street or in front of your house, and they don't yap all day long... they clean themselves, and are in general quite Safe.

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