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Nurseries' attempts to cut operations during pandemic spark confusion


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They should stay open but parents who can take care of kids at home should of course do so also

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These kids are so cute!

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Does Hashimoto Ryo’s caregivers agree to having his picture on display like this?

Sorry... maybe they are ok with it but I’d not want my kids names plastered around like this unless I’d given explicit permission.

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Didn't anyone notice some of the children are actually walking on the road...

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Hmm not surprised it sparks confusion if they are worried about covid 19 where are their masks?

@ MaikuC

Didn't anyone notice some of the children are actually walking on the road...

I did and was about to post something about it but then i noticed they are walking with two children not just one

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the photo is from Reuters file. likely precorona. keeping one kid at home makes no sense if the nursery school continues operation. if one child contracts corona all in contact will probably be infected given the cramped environment on most nursery schools. plus by definition, everything is done as a close knit group. the nursery school asked this woman because they knew she was at home anyhows

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Daycares does not mean nursery school.

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in shock is also a misleading and unfortunate translation of ちょっとショックですね plus she didn't do what they asked her to do , and the little that she did instead would neither protect her children or stem the spread of corona anyhow

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Didn't anyone notice some of the children are actually walking on the road...

Outside lane (shoulder) on road is not sidewalk. It is called "rosokutai". Pedestrians always don't need to walk inside rosokutai lane, but they really need to walk on the (right/left) side of road. Rosokutai is convenient lane for both drivers and pedestrians. Drivers can stop/park/make U-turn on the rosokutai lane temporarily and also pedestrians can walk on the lane.

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Those little trolley carts with lots of toddlers in are quite strange when seeing one for the first time, but after seeing them regularly they make you feel like pointing to some cute toddlers and saying, 'I'll have that one and that one thanks!'

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the nursery school asked this woman because they knew she was at home anyhows

Yes, nurseries are actually heavily subsidized to provide childcare for people who are at work or have 24 hour care responsibilities with the elderly or disabled. They are not there to raise children for parents who are at home. I suspect this child is still going while his/her mother is on maternity leave because the parents do not want to lose the child's place at the facility. Under threes is where all the waiting lists are.

Many scientific studies have shown under threes in childcare have raised levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, but only on days they go to childcare and peaking when they are there. At best, having other people raise very young children should be regarded as a necessary workaround for some, not something society should want for everyone. Society should aspire to more flexible working patterns that let you start and stop jobs, switch jobs, have time off if you want for child rearing, rest, development, adult education, or whatever you may want.

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Funny thing the day I went on maternity leave was the last day for my son at his hoikuen. Since December I did take care of him and since January I take care of him and his baby brother by myself. Till April. Then my older son goes to elementary school. Don't see anything wrong with that. Did the same during "stay home". Kept him home, safe for almost 3months. No problem at all. Unless you make kids to put them at hoikuen instead of raising them as parents do. Woman on maternity leave should keep her child at home. My personal opinion. (Raising kids as a single parent )

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The requests, made by municipalities in coronavirus hotspot areas, come amid the closure of a number of nurseries due to cluster infections among staff and children.

Hotspots? Cluster infection? But there are only 276 new cases in Tokyo, the virus is practically gone! /s

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Do these people understand how HARD it would be for those stay at home mothers like the one in this article? She has a newborn who requires a lot of attention along with a 3 year old who requires MORE attention. This puts a lot more stress on the parents in these stressful times! They should follow whatever steps and precautions to prevent the spread, thus stay open. Think about the parents and how much it would help them out.

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Imagine that. Parents actually have to look after their own toddlers. What a novel idea. I understand that parents have to work these days, but when you have kids, you have to be prepared to have your life interrupted.

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