Obon holiday return rush peaks


Trains were packed, flights full and highways congested on Sunday afternoon as the Obon holiday return rush peaked in Japan.

Narita and Haneda airport officials reported that almost all inbound flights were full, with around 65,000 travelers expected to return by the end of the day, Fuji TV reported. Hawaii and Guam were among the most popular destinations this year, travel agents said.

Meanwhile, JR officials said shinkansen trains returning to Tokyo and Osaka were running at 140% capacity on the Tokaido and Tohoku lines from Sunday morning.

On highways, as of 2 p.m., according to the Japan Road Traffic Information Center, traffic was backed up for 30 kilometers on the Tomei expressway, while traffic was bumper to bumper for about 20 kilometers on the Chuo and Tohoku expressways.

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Had no problem coming from Scotland early morning, till we got to toll gate near Tokyo. It seems if we pay fuel tax all tolls should be obsolete as they cause the problems

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Thank goodness I stayed home this week.

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It seems if we pay fuel tax all tolls should be obsolete as they cause the problems

If there weren't tolls traffic would be even worse than it already is.

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And thank goodness I just booked my summer holidays for September!

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I know it's nigh impossible, but Kanto's freeways are just not wide enough to handle 21st century traffic volumes. The Shuto was built 50 years ago for starters!

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Just got back from my sister's wedding in London. Kansai airport was pretty empty on Monday after the Obon peak though.

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