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Ocean garbage scoop study to start off Japan coast


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Let's start here in Japan today by stopping people from throwing their garbage into rivers and streams. The amount of Japanese origin after a taifu on the beach is incredible. ALL JAPANESE GARBAGE. Terrible for navigating over when going surfing.

Doesn't that say something about Japanese society as a whole?

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Not to mention the people that think storm drains are ashtrays.

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As a species we are our own worst enemy. The unseen state of our oceans are quite frankly appalling

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Since the system uses booms, not nets, marine life—which is neutrally buoyant—passes harmlessly underneath the barriers, while plastic—which floats—is gathered at the surface.

Workers can then scoop up the collected detritus, with island authorities looking at using the plastic as an alternative energy source.

Weird. Ocean life is "neutrally buouyant"?? and they are going to burn the plastic for power??

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Im all for a cleaner ocean but as other have said educating people and making it a social no no to leave trash on the beach or to uses storm drains as ash trays would be a start. One other thing Who is going to pay for the thing?

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Trashy planet ='s trashy people. Breaks my heart.

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A friend of mine and I went fishing off the coast of Japan in a tourist vessel. Later that afternoon we were served a lovely Japanese bento for lunch. The Japanese crew then collected the bento boxes in a garbage sack and threw them overboard. There were about 4 big plastic bags that were thrown overboard. I was outraged but my friend said don't say anything. he said that's the way they do it here.

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a project that could eventually help remove some of the 5.25 trillion pieces of rubbish polluting the world’s oceans, officials said Thursday.

Ocean garbage washing up on the shore has long been a problem for Tsushima, which sits between Kyushu and South Korea, costing millions of dollars a year to deal with.

Tsushima lies in the Sea of Japan, not in the Pacific Ocean.

Majority of plastic wastes that float to Tsushima originate from South Korea and China. (Ministry of Envoronment Study) https://www.env.go.jp/water/marine_litter/conf/c02-08/mat03.pdf page 4

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