Hawaii tsunami center says fake Japan quake alert circulated


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Some idiot here probably tried sending it using Google translate. That said, there was a REAL quake Tuesday morning here, but not at all big enough nor close enough to the sea to trigger a tsunami. Interesting this hoax comes after the report that 99% of predictions won't occur. Take care, peeps!

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And if anyone knew where Nagasaki is located, would know that it would be the Koreas, China, Taiwan and Russia that would be impacted by a Tsunami and doubtfully the Hawaiian islands because they are on the other side of Kyushu.

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This sort of prank can cost the lives of innocents. There are much better ways to express being funny.

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Fake news, IMHO.

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Is this the same level as the false missile warning.

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I wonder what's happened to all the early warnings we're supposed to receive for coming Earthquakes of doom - there hasn't been one for ages ?

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There can always be some mistake. But the Japanese meteorological agency did not issue any national tsunami warning. So there's no need to be alarmed.

In any case, the Hawaii tsunami emergency center is only to detect earthquakes and possible impacts of giant waves within the Pacific Ocean. In the event that an earthquake occurs in Chile and the tsunami reaches Japan 24 hours later. To notify the movement of the wave during that time. 

As a possible example.

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I think it is disconcerting that someone was able to hack the telecommunications system used by the World Meteorological Organization based in Switzerland, and post this message. Even though it was poorly written and an obvious fake, some people believed it, as was stated above, might have caused people to panic, worry maybe rush to safety and in the process get hurt, or hurt somebody else.

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