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FamilyMart apologizes after rodent video goes viral


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There's a reason there's an expression to not let even a single rat to get in. In Family Mart's defense, rodents can get into the most unlikeliest of places and can escape the most elaborate traps. Yes, the video is disgusting but it just goes to show just like Jurassic Park, life finds a way

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No surprise. The Family Mart directly next to my house is always filthy. Buyer beware!

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No, I'm pretty sure it was rat actually.

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"We deeply apologize for making you feel uncomfortable and uneasy,"

Bit of a mealy mouthed apology.  I smell a rat.

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Why's everyone so upset about a rat in Family Mart? Heck, we got rats acting as mascots at Disneyland and everyone thinks they're adorable.

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Its hard to keep them out when Shibuya itself is infested with rodents.

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All the lights are on, and the camera pans and zooms in on individual rats?

So it wasn't shot on a surveillance camera?

Is it possible someone let the rats loose and then hung around to film them?

I smell a rat.

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Compared to those "sabotage" or "terrorism" or whatever they call them videos of part time kitchen staff larking about with the miso bowls at the famiresu, this actually looks pretty bad.

One or two and its unfortunate, but that's a whole lotta rats.

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It is large city Japan - where restaurant and bar garbage sits open on the curbside from closing until after 8am when the garbage trucks start to make their rounds. Why would anyone expect anything less? Unless it is a stand-alone building, there will be no keeping them out.

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About time someone ratted them out.

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ohhh No surprise for this news

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Ah, city living. Enjoy.

In Istanbul, every shop has a cat which is given a pillow and sometimes a chair to relax on all day long.

There are lots of youtube videos for how to handle rat infestations.

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I was in Shibuya last week........so those weren't bonus rasins in my bag of chocolates?

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All the lights are on, and the camera pans and zooms in on individual rats?

So it wasn't shot on a surveillance camera?

Is it possible someone let the rats loose and then hung around to film them?

I smell a rat.

I have to agree. That's not normal rat behavior, why are they pretty much leaping off the racks? Why is there someone outside just as all the rats happen to be scurrying out from hiding all at the same time?

It looks to me like someone dropped a few frightened pet rats on top of the racks and had their buddy film it from outside the window so they try to create a viral video.

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Just bring in some of those bored cat cafe cats. They would have the time of their life.

Yesterday I went home from Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse (it was already dark) and the guy in front of me tripped over a dead rat.

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There are at least 6 rats in the video, all trying to climb down from on top of the refrigerator case?

I hope FamiMart has video of whomever let them loose! It is just too convenient and to have a camera pointed at them at the same time!

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I have to walk through Shibuya in the early mornings on my commute and it's getting disgusting, now with the summer heat. Putrid garbage strewn across streets, crows and rats feasting. Hey, denizens, put your damn garbage in hard bins, not flimsy plastic bags!

No surprise this store was in Shibuya.

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If I was the police I would be talking to the person who uploaded the vid, just to see if he or she had anything to do with this "alleged" offence

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Big rats aren't called ewes. Save that for real sheep.

Call them Donalds and Ivankas instead.

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funny thing is the rats in the video act as if they were scared of heights xD

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Every city has a rodent problem. It's hardly surprising in a metropolis like Tokyo.

I remember sat in a pub off Leicester Square, observing mice running round. Or in a well-known cheap and cheerful restaurant in nearby Chinatown, which I used to frequent. It's not pleasant but, as I was told by the bartender in the former, "it's London, innit".

That said, there's something a bit suspicious about this incident. I normally don't buy into conspiracy theories or defend big corporations but it's possible that someone might be out to discredit the company.

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