Ohashi Junction expected to ease traffic congestion in Tokyo


The Ohashi junction, a totally enclosed interchange linking the underground part of the Central Circular Route (C2) to Route 3 some 70 meters above, was completed Sunday in Meguro Ward, Tokyo. The junction is expected to ease traffic congestion in the capital, said local government officials.

After three years, the plan is to make a park on top of the junction. Inside the eco-friendly junction, huge fans have been set up to help air filtration, said officials.

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it's already congested. They Yamate Tunnel they building (complete between Ikebukuro and Shibuya) is just not enough. It has to be at least 4 lanes each direction, and it's yet to offload shibaura junction, which is absolute motoring hell with constant congestion and frequent accidents.

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but when will it open?

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Hopefully it will ease the traffic.

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