Oldest living married couple recognized by Guinness honored by mayor


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Congratulations to them and their family. I'm sure we all can learn from them. Japan is definitely a great place to live and the food is healthy.

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Well done! It's great to read about happy, long term married couples.

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80 years of marriage! That's amazing.

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That's great. Congratulations to them. Japan is noted for its high standard of living and longetivity. The oldest man known was Japanese, he lived to be 114. His secret was 'not to worry' and he liked to watch TV a lot. Is Japanese TV that good? If it's better than the trash on US television then that's an improvement!

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Well, beats my 17 years with the first wife! Congratulations to them both!

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Some so called pop stars get divorced after 24 hours! well done to both of you and congratulations,

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