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Olympics: Tokyo 2020 living with specter of killer quake

By Shingo Ito

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Experts warn that if it happens again, the financial hit would be in excess of 2.5 trillion yen ($22.5 billion).

Which means, if history regarding these so called experts is even close to being accurate, the actual costs would be in excess of about 10 times this amount.

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sea walls high enough to withstand a tsunami of almost two meters -- the maximum height predicted inside Tokyo Bay.

Lets hope we don't have another soteigai situation. 2 meters isn't much...

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Terrorism can strike any where its a matter how smart the Police and organizers are also cost over runs are usually not caused by allowances of finance but Greed from builders and local councils . Their should be built into the Contracts that any cost over run is to be met by the contractor that won the winning bid on Construction that forces them to be more open and not greedy .

Ps All contracts Written by me always had this over run clause with no objections.


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"For modern Olympic host cities, the twin threats of terrorism and financial ruin constantly loom." two man made thing ;o(

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"Japan is vulnerable to earthquakes, but building standards are the strictest in the world,"

I guess that's why they're having to completely recontruct a bunch of fairly new apartments - that were all "tilting" - not far from our place here in Yokohama...

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And so would places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Istanbul, all of which have the potential of experiencing a serious quake. Other locations have other potential problems which could affect the games. The world is not a safe place, and every day we live under the "specter" of being hit by a car, having a sign fall on us, or contracting a fatal illness.

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fukushima tsunami was 26 meters. it mainly destroyed small villages and farmland. tokyo is a big city with a network of canals. i don't wanna watch tv when it happens. also another factor not mentioned is that fukushima daiichi still after over six years is totally out of control and no technology exist. add tokai, close by and daini, and well...

the expert say it will happen. they are not arm chair experts, they are researchers with many years of experience. why doesn't anyone listen to experts, only politicians?

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Well i'm not a big expert so i could be wrong. But looking at a map, Tokyo's situation is a lot different from Fukushima's. That was open ocean, Tokyo is just a bay with Chiba in front. Think it's unlikely to see a 20m tsunami in Tokyo. Chiba prefecture though...

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RE: "But Tokyo is one of the best-prepared for natural disasters" ha ha yea right. if you speak and understand the giant message systems across Japan which are all in Japanese, the maps and designated safety areas are all in Japanese and the so called exercises are all in Japanese....good luck foreigners..you are on your own dime..

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oh those poor olympic organizers living with the possible threat of an earthquake for two weeks! I feel so sorry for them!

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@ bjohnson23 and Charles Pribyl

Well they are more prepared unlike cities in North America which are ignoring the threats. Japanese people are orderly fashion when disaster strikes, they don't fight against their own kind. Search Japanese culture and ethics. They have experience in earthquakes and have actual survival kits and guides as well as survival instruction, they take threats seriously rather than a joke. Don't believe me do some research on experts and earthquake technology of Tokyo or actually go live there and experience. They are more prepared than any city in the world that live under the ring of fire.

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@ bjohnson23 I'm not sure about Tokyo but I would imagine is the same. In Nagoya all information about shelters, safety areas, procedures, maps etc... are available in several languages. Here's the english version


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The athletes are at risk of dying from heatstroke more than from an earthquake.

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