Olympus executive in India dead in apparent suicide


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This has got to have the other execs nervous.

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Easy way out.

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here we go

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If the suicide is linked with the Olympus scandal, then it means that the scandal goes a lot deeper and wider than what the authorities currently know.

On the other hand, it might be a totally different reason. Unless this guy left a paper trail, it would be quite difficult to find out.

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Another guilty person, obviously this is bigger than anyone at the company cares to admit

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What did the Indian children do to deserve that??

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Could be related to the scandal, or could be an all-too-common case of an Japanese expatriate struggling with life overseas

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Typically, no backbone. Sad, very sad.

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I would fix headline to

Olympus executive dead, victim of foreign media witch hunt

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I would fix headline to Olympus executive dead, victim of foreign media witch hunt

Of course you would, we couldnt actually have people believing a Japanese company or person may have done the wrong thing now could we? Its always so much easier to blame someone else.... Almost becoming your standard line there

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“I am sorry for bothering you,”

Luvly translation.

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“He lived alone and he left two suicide notes written in Japanese, which we have handed over to the Japan embassy,” the police officer said.

Wonder how he knew they were suicide notes?

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I am not so sure it was a suicide. But on the other side, although I am sorry for each lives lost I see a little chance for others to survive when these guys are leaving us forever in one way or other.

Globalism, banking, unquenchable corporate greed, arrogance, and ruthlessness not only makes armies of nice employees homeless and potential candidate for suicide, but slowly it starts taking toll on the toll-keepers themselves.

They have too much power today, but many more of them will follow Tsutomi Omori for they started to maraud on the quarry and eventually they will consume very themselves.

Possibly a new world order will, and must come soon, for the present one threatens the existence of mankind. But until then many more will die, among them even the hangmen, and the most important thing is that in the meantime we, average and normal people, employees and all those who wish to make living from decent work, must survive.

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Why would he do it? I don't remember any mention of the Indian branch.

I hope it was not children that found him. Horrible for anyone, but especially so for kids.

Luvly translation.

Tru dat. It reminds me of the announcements on the Narita/Haneda Airport buses telling people not to use their phones because it 'annoys the neighbors'.

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I still think that there was too much money moving around for it simply have been to hide past losses, especially because hiding past loses with subsequent loses does not make sense to me. What would make sense is if they needed money that would not be on the boks for other reasons. One conceivable reason would be for encouraging health officials to purchase Olympus products in some nations. Poor guy.

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According to the Times of India, one of the notes said, “I am sorry for bothering you,”

Dear Yamaguchi-gumi, I am sorry for bothering you. Please leave my family alone.

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So many faceless detectives and experts on here, I'm sure each one of you will be contacted by both the Indian and Japanese authorities to assist with the investigations.


Lovely spelling.

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A children's park? Not only a coward but a selfish one as well.

The Olympus guys must be sweating now. I hope this guy left a very long and detailed report on all of this - that was mailed to British or Americans authorities as we know it won't see the light of day if mailed to Japanese ones.

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Now, was a real suicide, or did the yakuza him out??

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Was he assassinated?... RIP

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Determination of suicide is premature regardless of the notes.

However, many questions arise... two important ones are...

Why in India? Why not in Japan where such suicide will be acceptable and even considered normal?

If indeed suicide, this is Not standard suicide since most suicide throughout the world happen "near" family and friends they may have hurt or negatively affected.

Why two notes?

Have not heard of man suicides that had two notes.

Once those are answered, then and only then would the Olympus case really becomes pertinent.

For all you know.... it appears to be a suicide....

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oops... typo... Have not heard of ANY suicides that had two notes. (my apologies)

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2 suicide notes is not that uncommon, one public one to employer or similar and another private one for family/lover/spouse.

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Well, that is one way to avoid prosecution, isn't it? Better put the rest of them on suicide watch too cos I dare say they are gonna start dropping like flies.

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I am sorry but I am surprised we haven't had folk committing suicide earlier. I feel sorry for his family.

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Has anyone see The Bad Sleep Well by Akira Kurosawa.

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Was he silenced?

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stupid stealing money and killing themselves when they are caught

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So many heartless comments here, if u don't know why he had to committ suicide pls don't call him coward. We all know it's surely not easy to do.

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Who knows? Maybe he had heard that he was going to be investigated during his time with Olympus in Japan.

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Wow, this whole thing is turning into a movie plot.

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I'd put it down to Monday Blues

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Hey Asuza. "if u don't know why he had to committ suicide pls don't call him coward".

Why did he HAVE to kill himself? Do you know something the rest of us don't. If so, do tell. If not, let us label him coward.

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So many heartless comments here, if u don't know why he had to committ suicide pls don't call him coward. We all know it's surely not easy to do.

Suicide is the cowards way out. Not because its easy to do, but rather because rather then face up to their responsibilities, the results of the decisions they have made, they flee into death early. They are, quite simply cowards who are running away.

I don't know if this suicide has to do with the Olympus scandal. Given all we know and have heard about it, it seems very possible. But it could be that he simply has other issues.

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I don't believe any suicide can be called cowardly. It does take courage to die. If it didn't there would be millions killing themselves everyday.

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Arigato Mark. Because I do believe he didn't wants to die, like I once tied rope at a high tree brance ,made a ring, put my head in it, apologised to all my family remembering their faces. I was on the branch for a long time, but couldn't just jump. I think I can say I know little bit more than who has never gone to life's edge that far. I am the coward. I am still living but just living, not because I decided to face my problems. Sometime situation gets too much to solve alone, and I am sorry he couldn't tell anyone.

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Jumping to conclusions here! Maybe this was nothing to do with the Olympus accounting probe? An executive of the Indian company may have had his own problems to cover up...

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The stats say that more women attempt suicide but more men actually go through with it. This has to be related to the company scandal. You just don't hide the loss of billions of yen and think that there won't be consequences. The book/movie will be fascinating and a best-seller when it comes out.

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This is a job in New Delhi, far away from Olympus's head office in Japan. I doubt that this suicide has anything to do with the Oylmpus scandal, besides feeling shame does not cause suicide.

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Azusa, that sounds very needy and very dramatic. The rest of the world doesn't see suicide like you do. For us, it is the easy way out. Strong people figure it out and try and fix the issue. cowards run away.

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Or, Omori could have been sent to India in order to cover up his role in the scandal. More intrigue there if you ask me. And he offed himself for something he did and was remorseful about, so yes, I think "shame" had something to do with it as well.

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Well people this is it. You can quote me on this too. The corrupt Olympus executives and their leader Kikukawa are about to use their "Get Out of Jail Free" card on us. Whatever this guy knew died with him. The timing is perfect.

This guy knew something. He was placed off-shore for a reason. I would even suspect that he was ordered to do so to protect his family. We'll never know. From here on out it's conspiracy theory till the day Kikukawa walks and shakes hands with Ozawa. "We built this city!!"

We'll hear from prosecutors some time in March. Sorry folks, show's over. You were waiting for the prestige but it's not going to happen. The only prestige we are going to get is when they're back in the spotlight as free man.

Dead men tell no tales.

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@kazetsukai "Why in India?" Apparently Corruption in India is a major problem. I wonder if it is possible to do business in the public sector without oiling the wheels a little. In order to have health officials and hospital managers purchase their endoscopes, however, Olympus Medical Systems India would not have been able to use bribes becuase they can't list "money for bribes" in their accounts. But wait...

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Azusa, that sounds very needy and very dramatic. The rest of the world doesn't see suicide like you do. For us, it is the easy way out. Strong people figure it out and try and fix the issue. cowards run away.

How ignorant. Do you have any idea what mental illness is? It's not just disgraced tycoons and executives who kill themselves.

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