Once infertile Japanese woman gives birth after surgery


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A wonderful breakthrough that will be abused by women well past child-bearing age.

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A wonderful breakthrough that will be abused by women well past child-bearing age.

Yep, or anyone with money.

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Good job! I hope that they can find a way to help men who also have infertility problems.

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Sounds great I hope that the system is improved upon so that more people don't have miscarriages.

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Yes, ControlFreak, it is a wonderful story. But interesting that your next thought was so cynical. 'Abused' is also a rather pejorative word to describe those who want a baby.

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@Ah so--There are good reasons women cannot have kids into their 50s. That is why Mother Nature put limits on. How does a 60 year old woman keep up with a 10 year old boy? Is a 13 year old girl prepared to have her mother and father die of old age? Or change their diapers? Or pay the bill for the old folk's home?

What you call cynicism I call reality. People who can no longer procreate due to age buy a dog or a cat, and it fits. Children do not.

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Just because we can doesn't mean we should. There are already too many people in Japan and the world so why not just adopt rather than go through this expensive procedure? Medical researchers should also direct their efforts towards solving more pressing health needs.

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What you call cynicism I call reality

Not saying that the concerns you raise are not valid, but you seem more concerned with the downside than celebrating good news.

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I agree with ControlFreak very much!! When they are young and have good body condition to give birth to babies is when they are enjoying night life and dont have time to raise (or give birth) to the babies, when they realize that they are old and its too late is when those ladies will come to abuse these breakthroughs......and getting a baby delivered is sure a joy of lifetime but raising and taking care till they can live on their own is another topic. I hope and pray that we dont see more infanticide in Japan because of this new unnatural creation of human being.....

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She is only 30, not 50.

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When I hear an equal number of complaints directed at men who choose to reproduce later in life, especially given that they die, on average, seven years earlier than women, I'll take all of these complaints about how this is "going to be abused" more seriously.

Menstruation is a reproductive quirk that humans share with only a few other mammals. But even stranger is the fact that women stop menstruating when they have a whole third of their lives left to live.

All animals have a finite reproductive life. But more often than not, their reproductive system winds down at roughly the same time as every other system in the body - the menopausal killer whale is a notable exception.

In searching for an answer to why women live for so long post-fertility, palaeontology has reminded us of a very important fact: old age is actually relatively new age. Early human fossils are invariably young, and it wasn't until a few thousand years ago that anyone lived into the senior years we have now grown to expect.

It is highly likely, therefore, that our long-lost great-great grannies didn't live long enough to experience the hot flushes, night swears and yo-yo-ing hormones of the modern-day menopause. They never lived long enough to be denied the children that menopause robbed them of, because they may not have reached menopausal age at all.

We can be thankful for our longer lives, but menopause may be the cost women endure for it

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What you call cynicism I call reality. People who can no longer procreate due to age buy a dog or a cat, and it fits. Children do not.

@ ControlFreak: You are correct on some points, but what about the cases where children who have young parents loose the parents early due to some circumsance. Life is not guarenteed. So just because one has children young, that does not mean that they will be around for a long time to see them grow.

If a woman wants to have kids at 40 and is healthy and this procdure works, good for her. I have seen cases where gradnparents have had to take over raising children (people in their late 40's and 50's) so yes they may not be as spry as a younger parent, but as long as they are there for the kids and providing shelter and caring, it should work out.

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