One dead, 8 missing after fishing boat capsizes


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always dangerous at sea.

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I hate to be too cynical, but after reading the article about this morning about the Osprey crashing by Okinawa...

Shouldn't logic follow that the Japanese government now call all large fishing vessels to come back to pier until the cause of the vessel capsizing is known?

I defer to Chief Cabinet Secretary, Yoshihide Suga-san

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Allow me to rephrase so we don't need to delete another post:

I simply suggested that if one military aircraft crashing prompts all of the same aircraft to be grounded until an investigation can provide an explanation, then, logically, one fishing boat capsizing may also require a similar type of investigation before we know if the waters are safe to fish again. And not doing so creates a weird stigma and continues to scare people about the Osprey.

Perhaps you may also infer (correctly) that I believe grounding all the Osprey was a little bit excessive and unprecedented, seeing as an F-18 crash last week did not cause all F-18s to be grounded. So, why Osprey? or if Osprey, why not other vessels/aircraft?

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