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Only 1% of Japan's biggest coral reef healthy: survey

By Menahem Kahana

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Oh well so much for coral reefs then. They were out of sight out of mind for most of us. Just a shame that we need the oceans for oxygen to breathe with though

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Mother earth is a dynamic living organism. Whether or not man is here, the planet will continue to go through major changes, and weather is part of it. Poor Star Fish should not get all the blame.

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The coral reefs damage is worse in other Nations. Why are they picking on and bullying Japan.

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What can be done to bring the sea temperatures down to normalcy?

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More destruction in 200 years than the previous 200 million.

Er, 200 million years includes the impact which killed the dinosaurs, prevented photosynthesis for years and led to the extinction of most life on Earth.

Not saying things aren’t bad, but still...

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When I went to the (outside of the bay) beach near my city located north of Kyushu I've found a lot of garbage stuffs from many countries checking the letters, including Japan of southern parts to see the products were from there. The grave impact on the ecosystem isn't only the coral reef, the waters around are chemically damaged, and soon it will affect the sea food we eat. Its time to all people living in Japan (consisted of islands and islets) to find ways to clean-up, very beautiful country inland--not the seashores.

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It's also the local Diving Schools, I've watched them be less than considerate to the local environment.

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And they want to destroy even more of the coral by building a spanking new base in Henoko!

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Another piece of the climate change mozaic that politicians are still ignoring or at best just paying lip service to when it suits them.

Climate change is here and is only going to get worse - just how much worse until real effective action is taken is anyones guess.

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