Only 4% of missile shelters in Japan located underground


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Surely this information is a breach of national security?

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Building underground shelters is something Kishida’s government must do and pay for rather than leaving it all to the local governments.

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I mean, doesn't it depend on what you define a missile shelter to be? I don't think my hometown has any sort of missile shelters... But we do have basements. Is that enough to be considered a missile shelter? I would expect there to be disaster "shelters" but I couldn't possibly expect the government to build missile shelters for 125 million people.

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I think it is not wise to build underground missile shelters in a country that has flooding, landslides, earthquakes and tsunami‘s.

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The are many below-ground shopping malls.

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When asked about issues faced regarding the designation of underground shelters, the majority of the polled governments cited a lack of facilities.

In layman's terms, “it costs too much money. We were supposed to build such facilities with the tax payers money, but we done already spent those funds at the drinkie bars and soaps. Sorry. Good luck though, when the missiles and bombs start dropping.”

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The are many below-ground shopping malls.

and subway systems

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It will take time but we will get there. I hope North Korea and China are building shelters, they may need it.

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Below ground is better than above. Shopping malls, and train stations.

Transporting elderly people will always be a problem whatever shelter is made. Cities will be the targets.

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Warmongering rubbish. NK's fireworks are propaganda. It has been doing this for years. It is theatre.

Japanese people are too scared to take their masks off. Carry on putting out stuff like this and they will be too scared to come out of their basements. And the birth rate will drop further.

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Surely it makes more sense to remain on friendly terms with your neighbors, you don't need missile shelters then.

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Not only for war emergency, public underground shelters are also useful during peacetime. Japan under the current arrangement is not allowed to conduct (effective) preemptive moves countering eminent foreign threats. It has to be on the defense enduring the first strikes.

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Warmongering rubbish. NK's fireworks are propaganda.

Yes, but it seems like Japan is committed to wage war anyway.

As for shelters, yes, the Japanese ones are rubbish. In Sweden, each building is equipped with underground concrete shelters, with massive steel doors, as well as air filtering.

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But the concrete boys got their slice of the taxpayer money to build proper shelters, so nothing to see here.

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Good luck trying to cram into a shelter, subway or anywhere underground, I wouldn’t wanna be stuffed in down there anway.

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Underground shopping malls are like mini cities with numerous restaurants.

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Surely this information is a breach of national security?

Right, if it's national security, when are the people who may need to use the shelters, going to get the information?

Think about what you said here. If the people dont know, then just who is going to use them?

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What's the difference..nobody is going to attack Japan.

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Why would China want to attack Japan? Why would North Korea want to attack Japam? Why would any country want to attack Japan?

Answer that question and you may come up with a better solution than underground missile shelters. The only reason to attack Japan seems to be to defend against US weaponry based here. Removing the targets would be the best defence.

Perhaps the reason the US has so many overseas bases is that they want to create targets outside the US. It does seem the US loves war as long as it is not in the US mainland. Look how they reacted when a few buildings were destroyed in New York. The country that happily destroys whole cities in other countries reacts strongly when it is attacked.

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No attack, but it is past of the political rhetoric

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What? What is the use of 96% of Japan's missile shelters on the ground? And, what is the use of the 4% of Japan's missile shelters underground:If, or when, they are not deep enough to withstand ground-penetrating missile bnombs? Japan! Wake Up!

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Please fill this form in and send it to your local city office.

Please debit my bank account ¥20,000 per month to pay for underground shelters.

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