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Only 45 quake-hit foreign trainees in Japan allowed to do other jobs


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A mere 45 foreign trainees affected by a powerful earthquake in central Japan have been granted permission to work outside their designated workplaces about a month after exceptional measures started

In the prefecture, around 670 foreign technical interns reside in six municipalities severely impacted by the disaster.

Those cheap labor need "special permission" just to change their job, only less than 7% of those trainee being granted. Well done Japan Inc and JGovt. While they can't change job they still need to pay debt.



Don't let them to go other direction, just give them decent job.


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This is all about visa restrictions no doubt. I suspect many people would be working for cash in hand outside the scope of their visa. The exception situation for visas is not known by many. On top of that the application process is cumbersome.

Noone is surprised about that when dealing with immigration are they?

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Shouldn't the strategy be to make it so that foreign trainees already in the area could be utilised for the massive cleanup and rebuilding task that lies ahead? There's non stop articles about the difficulties that the democratic cliff has presented with this disaster, is it that hard for the bureaucracy to be flexible and put two and two together?

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"Allowed", "granted permission" ?? Funny how people are treated as plantation slaves, as objects or statistics to be filled, and nobody bats an eye. Those trainees are sleeping 10 in one room, with their passports taken, yet, nobody bats an eye.

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@Ricky Kaminski13

Exactly, JGovt complain about difficulties they face in that disaster area while spending money which could better spend. There's no labor shortage in those area, just bureaucracy that hamper many things.


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Nope Zero, that’s what the locals do while the “Trainees” work.

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If they dont like it. They can go back to their country.

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Shouldn't the strategy be to make it so that foreign trainees already in the area could be utilised for the massive cleanup and rebuilding task that lies ahead?

LOL. Gaijins dont work. They sit on their As# and bitch. Japanese people work.

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This whole training program is a farce.

-6 ( +2 / -8 )

Monster, I get it man. Seems that wit and satire is above people's head though these days. Touché ole chappo!

Fellow non-working layabout! ;)

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