Origami vending machine project in Nikko employs disabled artists


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More power to them. Love to see this expand throughout the country! I just hope that the women, in this case, are getting a fair cut of the profits for themselves.

I say that because I once volunteered at a workshop for disabled people down here, the people who worked there made put together clothes-pins and sold them at local fairs, flea-markets and such, and a huge portion of the money that they brought in went into "administrative" costs, even though they were being subsidized by the local and prefectural government. The workers received a pittance for their efforts.

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JT, how about an image to go with this article?

Good initiative btw.

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It is nice to drink my coffee in this bad news world, and read such a nice story. Sometimes it is good to realize that not everything is bad.

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That's great! Hope it's not just exploitation though and the artists receive a high sales percentage. Any news about what it is?

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