Airport screener mistakenly returns knife after security check


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How about getting rid of the contractor and hiring security staff directly? JAL is using the contractor to avoid liability and paying a decent wage.

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fifth inspection error at the airport in three months

That's pretty low. Still letting g someone through with a knife is not something you want to do. It only takes one incident to change everything.

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I've never ever seen "security staff" in Japan who fill me with any confidence. They all look disheveled, weak and/or old, and all have the vacant look of someone only doing the job because nothing else was available....

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What has the world come to? Even if every passenger on 100 aircraft had been carrying a knife it is highly unlikely that anyone would even think of using it against another person.

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All in all, Japan airport security and airports in general are wonderful compared to so many other places.

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What has the world come to? Even if every passenger on 100 aircraft had been carrying a knife it is highly unlikely that anyone would even think of using it against another person.

Agree. Unfortunately a few nuts from the Middle East changed our world forever. But you don't dare profile for fear of violating someone's precious rights. Instead we have comments like, "get rid of the security person for accidently giving back a pocket knife!” or "the security operational are old and disheveled looking" even though they're paid nothing and their training is probably subpar. They try their best.

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The last time I went through security at Narita Airport in Tokyo, a very attractive young Japanese woman in uniform smiled at me and politely asked 'May I touch you?'

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Nothing to brag about, but I brought numerous things through Japanese airport security that was prohibited, and didn't get caught, but luckily I am not a dangerous person, and hurting anyone else is the last thing I want to do. But sometimes I get scared when I think about if this was a sociopath... Not only Japan security though..

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I've never ever seen "security staff" in Japan who fill me with any confidence.

Broad generalisation without any substance. Most security staff in Japan are polite and efficient, unlike the TSA who will give you roll-eyes, sighs of exasperation or any other petty means to show that they are in charge.

I also remember these geniuses let somebody carry a gun all the way to Japan.

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just think of how many bags they search every day? its hundreds if not thousands, I am sure that they miss stuff, but to give a knife back to a traveler? really? this is silly if not dam right dangerous!

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It would be helpful if we knew the length...

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It's not the first time it has happened.

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OK, so he/she made a mistake. No-one is perfect, give them a break. It's not as if the passenger was going to do anything bad with a small (folding) knife. The fact that the system is in place and these folks are doing their best is surely worth some praise, and hardly news when a 'duh' moment happens and something slips through.

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Ah right, so a case of "o-ket-samma your forgot your knife, please take it from here, as we are not allowed any dangerous articles here".

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But, they confiscated my last container of solid deodorant, which is almost impossible to find in Japan. Maybe I should keep it in a knife-shaped container from now on.

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The entire thing is a charade. I've lost count of the number of things I've brought through security in various countries only to realise that it was actually on the prohibited list, or that my wife told me it was afterwards. The fact that you can "sub-contract" out work like this is flippin ridiculous.

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Maybe the profile of the persons to whom the knives belonged to was not that of persons representing threat

I "hate" thinking I can be compared to a terrorist while we all know what kind of background such individual have to be on that warning threat list.

And we also all know that if you wanted to bring something as weapons on a flight, we all have ideas that would work.

It is far more sensible to check the object's goal with the person in front of you to assess a situation.

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I'm sure it was something like a SAK. Not a 6" Kabar.

But even a SAK is not permitted onboard.

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It seems that the Security Teams basically ban what they want to take themselves.

Recently on a return visit from the UK I had a set of electronic-screwdriver bits taken from me, since I was told at the time, they were a danger posed by me for disassembling the plane!!! ( 1cm electric screw driver bit set ???? without the driver.... Geez that's pushing things a bit....)

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Nothing against Women, but during a Menstural Period - your breath smell is off the scale, and smells like someone with who hasnt cleaned their teeth in the past decade. Please, use a mouth-wash daily during that time. It's a Biological thing... just like Men having to use Deodorant!

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Security like this shouldn't be outsourced, it should be like the coast guard... It is an airPORT after all!

Sorry, oyaji gag

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a folding knife was detected in a passenger's bag by an X-ray examination at an All Nippon Airways security checkpoint at the airport, but a Nishikei inspector let the passenger go through without confiscating it

Not the sharpest box in the knife now, are we?

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