Osaka celebrates winning bid to host Expo 2025, despite reservations


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Sham photo, you can see the major and his cronies in the photo. The whole thing is staged. And as Jimi has pointed out allows them all golden parashoots to their construction buddy companies for their kick back after it ends. All lining their own pockets.

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As long as people are happy, we all should be happy.

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yet another photo of oyajis and old people celebrating the fact that they have lined their own pockets at the expense of the younger generation, when is the revolution going to start i wonder? ...oh i forgot that most youngsters are brainwashed into think this is great too.

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Tinsel now, debt latter. As most of the photos are of the aged celebrating. debt isn't a worry they will probably be dead when the bill comes. My grandkids are now loaded with even more debt...thanks for that.

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Now, to those clenching their fists in victory and saying about how great this is going to be, I do NOT want to hear them complaining about how busy and full of "gaijin" Minami and the surrounding areas become.

'"This time, I'll take my time to enjoy the atmosphere," said Kazuhiro Miyahira, 74, who was in charge of the opening and closing ceremonies of the previous expo.'

I like this, though. I hope he gets the chance to do as he wishes this time around.

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Money and precious resource wasted. If the local Osaka people can build this then fine, but if it's yet another drain nationally then not fine and selfish.

There are not enough construction workers already because too much was diverted to the Olympics instead of rebuilding after the Tohoku earthquake. How long do they have to wait. Will the Olympics(the way they are being done) even bring any health or active travel lifestyle legacy for the population.

What legacy, what cost.

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Japan is riding a popularity wave. Keep going while it lasts.

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