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Osaka gets snow in November for first time in 24 years


Snow fell in Osaka on Friday morning, the first time the city has had snow in November since 1989, as a chill set in across the nation.

Much of Japan experienced the coldest temperatures so far this season, with the mercury falling to 0.9 degrees in Nagoya, 0.3 degrees in Okayama, 1.9 degrees in Kochi, 5.8 degrees in Fukuoka and 7 degrees in Tokyo at 6 a.m., about average for late December, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

The agency said a cold air mass brought snow to Osaka, 23 days earlier than usual. Parts of Kyushu and Shikoku also experienced their first snowfall of the season. In Hokkaido, Sapporo had heavy snow with 70 cms falling overnight and Friday morning.

The agency said the cold spell is likely to remain until late Saturday.

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Would love to know where in Osaka exactly. Been out most of the day and its beautiful sunny weather. Just a lot of wind. Must've been really locally, somewhere up north

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Many places say or many people say it will be much colder and snowier went to the normal is just the beginning?

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This year we had a very prolonged winter in Brazil with cold air mass coming from the South Pole in bigger intensity than in other years. I feel global warming is really there.

My point of view of Global warming is that first (what is happening right now) the ice from the poles will melt. In this stage, the planet will still be cold, because when the ice is melting the chill increases, but when the ice is totally melted, the planet will really start to get warm and the temperatures will raise dramatically. It will happen suddenly and it will be very fast.

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Snow fell in Osaka on Friday morning, the first time the city has had snow in November since 1989, as a chill set in across the nation.

Do you mean the first time in 24 years to get snow on this date? I have seen snow in Osaka many times.

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It's cold in Okinawa too!

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Wow, it is cold today but I didn't realize it was enough to snow. Good acclimatization for later on.

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Didn't see any snow in osaka this morning... was up at 6.30 am...

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It must be that damn global warming which is causing all this early snow around the world... If the world keeps warming up at this rate, I will have to invest in some snow shoes.

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Global warming seems to work in the same way as religion... in very mysterious ways. Just as 'likes' on Facebook for assistance related topics, 'prayers' for help do exactly the same in the end. There's no real science behind any of all these hoaxes out there but plenty of people to censor one from making the point that the world is merely just going through cycles that for us puny humans may seem as huge events and in less than the blink of an eye for just how long each of us are on this earth compared to the 4.5 billion years that the earth has been around, I'd suggest you stop worrying so much and enjoy the snow because just a few months ago you were all complaining about the heat.

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From tropical to snowy in about 45 days.

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Lucky them! :C I want snow too..

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When we talk about Global warming, the time scale is not one year or two years. We need proof of every place's daily temperature and etc. for a much longer time.

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