Osaka High Court rules Takahama nuclear reactors can restart


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Did anyone truly expect anything different? These reactors in Japan are disasters waiting to happen!

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Wonder how many earthquake affecting nuclear reactors in Japan before the government and power companies wake up to reality

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I have noticed recently that ALL courts are ruling for them to be restarted. I also noticed that ALL lower courts awhile ago were ruling for them to be closed. Am I supposed to believe that this isn't part of a several year strategy to get them back on again and placate public opinion?

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I thought Japanese government was smarter than this ! One more nuclear accident and that's it for life in nihon...gommen

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Well, although we have a global warming threat, operating 40+ year old nuclear plant on major fault lines with reactors that had a tendancy to have leaky pipes and go into mysterious shut down modes,is a good idea?

Does this qualify the entire country for the Darwin Award? I wouldn't want to be Japanese if they had a SECOND ACCIDENT!

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Astounding. Japan WANTS another accident.

The opportunity remains to get industry and society transitioning towards renewables, of which Japan is in abundance but ignores

A dream of national proportions would do more for innovation and outlook and passing the brown envelopes around. It's really sad

One day Japan will find that all the renewable tech was pioneered somewhere else when it could have been them. That's their economic loss in the present and future to bear

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"Independence of three powers" in Japan is doubtful. Japan's Judicatory had stood industrial side.

"Convenient Judges" who defended Nuclear industries' profit are given "Amakudari". "Disobedient Judges" against Commercialism had been demoted one after another.

Japanese mainstream media ignore adhesion between authorities and nuclear industries.

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"We will never restart them without the people's support (unless we don't have it. In such case, legally we don't need it and will restart them without approval, making the people understand later, and meeting safety standards a few years after restart).

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Fukushima Nuclear continue to contaminate extensive area including various nature, deprive home and property from people,still threaten people's health and life. But nobody is punished.

If Japan repeated Nuclear disaster, responsible persons will be able to escape from legal responsibility on the excuse of "New Regulation".

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Japanese power industry and authorities are still under Optimism and "Safe Myth" as same as before Fukushima disaster. not only nuclear plants, Japanese safety standard is "Corporations First" historically. it had caused innumerable pollution disease and nuclear disaster. Japan will repeat same "Failure".

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Amazing how quickly Japan's leaders renege on their promises and how quickly people forget.

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Hideomi Kuze:

No country has true judicial independence as they all are appointed /nominated by executive and appointed by the legislative. Merit or lottery would move towards independence.

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Mistake. Tragedy beckons.

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To play devils advocate? What exactly is the alternative? Burning mass amounts of imported fossil fuels at a staggering cost to the tax payer and limitless environmental damage in the short term? That's hardly an efficient solution! I know that the argument against is that a nuclear meltdown would be worse but in the absence of a true greener alternative what choice is there? Environmentalists bemoan the use of fossil fuels but that's exactly what's going to continue to happen unless a stopgap is initiated! It's not ideal but until renewables really start to take hold then it's either atomic or coal gas and oil?

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Will these reopening constitute Japans inhalation from nuclear disasters i hope they have more sense than doing this

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Nuclear reactors in Japan are MAN MADE disasters waiting to happen, disasters wanted by the Japanese voting people as they are supporting and massively voting the govt which is pushing for this to happen.

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The sooner Japan puts its nuclear plants on line, the sooner Japan can get on with becoming a better nation. It is nice to see that cooler heads of the judiciary are prevailing.

EVERY COMMENT SAVE ONE is negative on this. Astounding. Not one problem or threat at any nuclear facility in the last 6 years from any real or imagined disaster. Right? But now everyone has this idea that Japan is courting calamity. You know, I am thinking that if a 9.0 earthquake and 60 foot tsunami waves and regional power failures can't crack a Japanese reactor, nothing can. But I guess I am the only one. And I lived through it. I have watched the whole thing from the front row.

And everyone posting here has been paying 1000 yen or more per month in extra charges and fees caused by hysteria since 2011. That means nothing to anybody? You could buy a used car with that much money. I see people come to blows on this site about a miniscule hike in taxi rates, but all the waste on fossil fuels and decommissioning means nothing apparently. Your rates are higher, your taxes are higher, your surcharges and taxes are higher... all because .... NOBODY died in Fukushima, but we had to shut down these valuable nuclear facilities ... because of fear.

I am amazed. I don't know who taught people to think like that, but it worked. Aliens from space are looking at Japan and wondering when people got so dumb as to imagine horrible scenarios that did not and will not occur, and came to choose instead to poison themselves with coal emissions, impoverish themselves with waste, punish and harangue the good people of Fukushima, and denigrate Japan's leaders and other rational people trying to hoist the nation out of its dark ignorance. I am not an alien, but I am shocked at how easily people abandon common sense.

Take a good look at yourselves everyone. You know what you say about Trump voters? It all applies to you. You ignore science, focus on fake news, harbor and propagate unreasonable fears, distrust all public officials and authorities, and yearn for a yesteryear that never existed. I assure you that there ARE people herding you and making a lot of money off of your antics. If Abe does not get his way, they will make a lot more.

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Lower court's decision declaring the new safety standards as "irrational" was not very convincing. The decision was expected to be overturned. Good for Japan.

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Amazingly Shimizu has yet to be punished for ignoring advice on the backup power being put on a higher level. Disgusting.

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Make it clear that the politicians will be held personally responsible for any problems. If nobody goes to prison, this will just continue until we stop them.

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