Osaka offering free 2-day subway and bus pass to foreign tourists


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A very nice gesture. The last few days here I always felt bad for any tourists I saw.

Its no fun being totally stranded or not knowing what to do.

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Nice gesture....I hope the word gets out to those tourists stuck!

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When are international flights being restarted?

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What about friends who have to play tour guide for visiting friends. Its gets expensive!

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120000 homeless Japanese from disasters, not counting Hokkaido, and give tourist free travel?

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Good idea.

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When are international flights being restarted?

Today, no? OR was that only domestic flights?

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There has been no decision yet on when international flights will resume, as one runway is still flooded, according to the airport.

Well done Osaka. This is great.

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@pap. They are thinking to use terminal 2 LCC runway or Itami or Kobe airport. The flooding damaged computer networks, so they have to be careful.

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It's a nice getsure in a situation there is not much else you can do, but sadly it does not help people who have already left, couldn't come (as a result), and/or had to pay for separate transportation (running more than 12,000 yen min.) from Narita to Osaka, which was their original destination.

Again, though, what else can be done? In this case I think it's better to look at what they ARE doing instead of what they can't.

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Japan is all about safety so I hope the government takes notes from these disasters to prepare for the following big events in the country. We can not know whether there will be a big quake, heat wave or typhoons during the summit next year or during the Olympics2020, but I hope they get prepared.

These stranded tourists can give some clues of the possible hardships foreigners might face looking for help in Japan during such events. Maybe there should be an emergency line? Not being able to speak the language and not knowing how everything works during disasters adds a whole new horror dimension. There should be some service of this kind due to rising number of tourists, and especially during the international events.

Assuming the power supply won't fail like in Hokkaido's case, tourists should also have an emergency information service.

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how do they tell who's local who's tourist?

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how do they tell who's local who's tourist?

Tourist stamp in the passport.

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