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Osaka red light district to be closed during G-20 summit


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Why should a meeting of international fat cats disrupt any ones business whatsoever it may be. If those attending don’t understand the reality of the real world they are in the wrong job.

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And where is this district? Asking for a friend.

"We hope people will say they are glad they held the meeting in Japan,"

Said noone!

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Japan has a long history of legalized prostitution, it only got royally screwed because of the screwed up Judeo-Christian morals of MacArthur and company! They should have left it alone!

Westerner's are such prudes about sex, and yet they are some of the biggest purveyors of porn in the world!

Leave the districts open!

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How sad, Tobita Shinchi is fabulous.

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Westerner's are such prudes about sex

By "Westerner's", I take it you are referring to Americans...

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Because, you know, gotta pretend it won't be there until everyone's gone. Then it'll open up again toute de suite. Keep it open, or close it -- Don't pretend to be Something you're not just because some diplomats are coming.

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Such hypocrisy. Japan is ashamed of looking bad in front of foreigners for having a thriving red-light district, but no so ashamed that it would close them for good. Instead it just hides them for a short conference.

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If there were medals for countries in regards to how much porn they watch, it would go to Japan. Granted, they’re not number one on the list or anything too fancy, but Japan jumped seven spots from 2015 to 2016 — the biggest jump on the top 20 list — and now they’re sitting pretty in the fifth place. Their top seven search terms for 2016 were, in descending order: "Japanese," "Japanese teen," "Japanese amateur," "Japanese wife," and "Japan." Of their top 12 search terms for this past year, only two didn’t include the word “Japan” or "Japanese."


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By "Westerner's", I take it you are referring to Americans...

In reality yes, I should have been more specific, sorry about that! Guess I was being like a "real" Japanese, and thinking all "westerners" are from America!

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Good! Leave it closed!

Why? So the women working there will have to go underground to do it, where they will most likely be abused?

Prostitution is always going to exist. There's a reason it's called 'the world's oldest profession'. Make it legal and tax it. As a bonus, watch how much human trafficking drops because there's no profit in illegal prostitution anymore.

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Will they be shutting up shop for the Rugby World Cup too?

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What? Tobita Shinchi area closed for 2 days? Why such a cruel decision? Let the G-20 group have some fun in the after work hours.

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Are the people of Osaka going to be compensated for the closing of the red lite district and highways?

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Closed? More like closed off, because all the establishments will be full of the one percenters.

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If those attending don’t understand the reality of the real world they are in the wrong job.

They know better than anyone, believe me.

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Tobita Shinchi Public Toilet or "Place where boy became man" is a long way away from G20 INTEX Suminoe Ward, but if anybody wants to go there, Just get off at Haginochaya station on the Nankai Line and ask one of the lads with a finger missing

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Tobita Shinchi is a quiet and very strict area. I think probably the thought of crowds of visitors gawking and trying to take photos was probably not attactive to the locals. For the determined customer there are always alternatives.

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Why should a meeting of international fat cats disrupt any ones business whatsoever

If the regular employees of such businesses are more profitably engaged entertaining the international fat cats (or more likely its following entourage), it probably makes sense to close for the week.

I'm reminded of a certain Mrs Dora Noyce of Edinburgh who remarked that one of the busiest periods of the year was when the Church of Scotland held its annual gathering.


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Live the lie!

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My Gawd! What will Hashimoto and the rest of the Ishin no Kai lot do with themselves?

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Delegates Wives/Husbands/LGBT partners will be the only happy ones.

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is there a back door in?

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The last time the entire district was closed was during the funeral of Emperor Hirohito on Feb 24, 1989, according to the association.

Thev seem to have bounced back nicely from the loss of imperial business.

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And where is this district? Asking for a friend.

Its literally in the article...

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Disgusting trade.

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Good! Leave it closed!

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