Osaka Univ develops stem cell spray treatment for heart failure


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Very cool.

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Does it also come in a roll-on?

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This is great scientific news...yes..

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Good work!

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Very cool. Of course, you have to know beforehand what the problem is, by the sound of it, and treat as you fail, not when it fails. Still... pretty amazing work, and with the new cancer test people are talking about that can detect some 13 types or so from a drop of blood...

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If this vetting process all works out, this will be a life saver for a lot of people. A buddy of mine died from ischemic cardiomyopathy. Hope this process succeeds and fast. Anything to help heart disease and to eradicate cancer.

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I'm giving every year my blood at my medical checkups. But I hope it will aid the younger generations than of mine. I don't like to feel long life to mean medical dependence but to younger people who really need medical support of any disease.

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According to a recent Penn Medical study, cancer/cancer treatments cause a significant (as high as 5 tmes) increase in cardio/stroke risks within 10 years.  It will be nice to see this work for these patients.  Who knows, this treatment might be in my future.

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