Over 2,000 doctors worked without pay at Japanese university hospitals: survey


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My ex-husband a Japanese doctor who now practices in his dad's obstetrics clinic should not be a practicing doctor.  He never wanted to be a doctor, they sent him to the University Hospital in Tochigi which from my understanding is the lowest and the easiest for families like my ex-husband's family when their children do not meet the grade they pay big money under the table.  My ex-husband has written on his father's web page he graduated from the University in Saitama a total lie and yet he has not been called out on it a man who received D'S when he was in medical school.

My point to this story, I would not trust any doctor in this country unless they are doubled license one from this country and one from outside this country that is rare.   It is extremely rare for a doctor in this country to post up their medical license showing their degrees, and so, I advise you to run out of here as fast as you can to get your medical treatment.

Just one more note, I almost died 2 years ago due to a whole in my heart.  I was just a walking shelf, no energy, I just wanted to sleep and the list goes on until one morning I woke up to find my left hand arm all purple and swollen.  I was so far gone by this time, however, I went to my local doctor and after checking my heart they said just diet and exercise and I said fine.  Blessedly, I had a medical appointment for my son in Malaysia and I thought okay I will check myself out once there and it was a damn good thing I did as I was only weeks if not days away from dying as the hole in my heart was so big.   I had the best heart surgeon in Malaysia who managed to do a stint on me and have me out of the hospital within a day.

Rounding up, I would not trust the University Hospitals for the exception Tokyo University and even than be careful.

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I’d like to see what the punishments will be. Will hospitals agent away with their crimes? Hey claim it’s government sanctioned when it obviously isn’t. I wonder how many years this has been going on. My children were born in university hospitals. This once shining nation has sadly become quite dull.

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Now that is really slave labours eh!

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@Yubari, Just because this is the way it is, so you claim, does not make it right.

@diko..never said it was, just stated a fact!

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@Yubari, Just because this is the way it is, so you claim, does not make it right.

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But the widespread practice has forced such doctors to work part time at other institutions to make a living, often exhausting them to the point that they fall asleep while treating patients.

There is a HUGE misunderstanding about how doctors here are educated and trained. They "graduate" from university in 4 or 5 years, with their medical license, and then "train" for their field of specialization afterwards and are technically "licensed" physicians but with no practical training.

When I worked in a hospital here, the over night doctors on call, who stayed in the hospital, were mostly "doctors" who had graduated and in training for 2 years. They received roughly ¥7,000 per hour, or roughly ¥60,000 per night. In the mornings, they would go back to university for their training.

This is common practice here, as the universities feel they are "training" these doctors then losing them to private practice afterwards.

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And not one word about punishment for those who broke the law by having them work unpaid more than was allowed. All they have to do is pay what they owed them in the first place. They literally put lives at risk. The decision makers should be facing jail time.

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I want my medical professionals to be well rested, alert, and not irritated due to no or insufficient pay.

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I hope they get compensated . . . but the fact they were willing to work without pay, even temporarily, means they are more noble.

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What is the world becoming ???.

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So, here’s another case of slavery and corruption in japan.

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Geeze. I am a disabled Vet and I get paid more than a Dr. Wow!

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But Chinese students are well paid from Japan while Japanese students are not.

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Another layer of the Japanese house of cards revealed.

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Very one who works should also be paid.

2,000 unpaid doctors amounts to about ¥10-¥15 billion in unpaid wages.

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This is true. Had a friend who worked at Keio Uni Hospital and had to pay out of his own pocket for the taxi home when shifts finished after the last train. And his salary was about 140,000 yen in his first year there! Not much incentive being a doctor at a uni hospital in Japan.

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They saved my life, and I am eternally grateful.

To think that some of them were/are not getting paid, just beggars belief.

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It's un-be-lievable. The ONE profession of which we need way more people and this is going on. We need more doctors, not less.

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Yes, I knew. I have also experienced it.

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Should be 'work' without pay as it is continuing today. Scandalous.

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