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Over 400 cruise ship visits cancelled at Japanese ports over coronavirus


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People are still taking cruises?? wtf?!!!

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The magazine sent by my Japanese credit card company arrived some weeks ago while people were still quarantined on the Diamond Princess. Ironically the featured article was about the wonderful life aboard the Queen Elizabeth with the last page being information for people to book a cruise departing April 20. I showed it to a private lesson group as an example of incredibly unlucky timing. One of them excitedly said her elderly aunt and uncle had already reserved that very trip. Seems the husband loves such travel and they’ve been on many cruises with no problems. I have a feeling this is one trip they won’t be going on after all and they were very lucky they weren’t on a cruise in the midst of the current situation.

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@educator. Got the same mag.

i feel sorry for the passengers. 3 of the nicest places to visit. No virus off the ship.

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Yeah, it’s a shame for all the passengers involved. But, for all this coronavirus still going around, this needs to be done. I mean, it looks like it hasn’t hit Japan that hard, but then again, we want to keep it that way wouldn’t we?

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