Overwork on the rise as pandemic increases load on Japan's essential workers


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Overwork in Japan ? Even without pandemic there still be overwork even unpaid overwork.

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As a practical solution it is suggested that the current category II of Covid 19 be re-designated (to the category V) so that burdens of overall workload would be shared and dealt efficiently with by more healthcare practitioners.

Under the category II imposed by the health ministry since earlier this year, Covid19 is almost equal to HIV or Ebola viruses, should be treated accordingly. Many experts have already warned it is excessive and self-defeating (in the face of a potential wave, alongside seasonal flu)

For example, a mass testing strategy is still nearly impossible to take in Japan as workers have to follow rigorous guidelines with extra caution as if Covid19 is super-deadly with 50 % fatality (e.g. Ebola). Our more than half-year experiences with actual local cases is proving otherwise while more testing is called for as a priority (I am personally reserved for it due to other than the gategorisation issue).

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Its called Kaoroshi very common in Japan.

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Doctors and nurses have been known to overwork. This is nothing new.

Everyone is essential!

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Yep, this coronavirus has been one big holiday for the middle class (Go to Travel, Go to Eat), and insecurity and increased poverty for the poor.

Likely the intended purpose of this bugger

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What do you mean "overwork" is "on the rise"? Huh? It has never stopped in this country. The insanity of making someone work 80 hours is deeply disturbing. They are "essential workers"? Really? How long can they stay "essential workers" working 80 hours a week?

Making people "overwork" will achieve absolutely nothing except more illness, more suicides, less productivity and more desperation to find new employees. Get robots and end this madness.

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With the pandemic plus the possible 2020/2021 olympics back on the calendar, I only expect more of this.

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Nurses in one my local hospitals regularly do 12 hour night shifts at least once a week and day shifts are 8.30am-6.30pm-30mins for lunch!

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How can overwork by healthcare workers be caused by the pandemic? Last I was aware there was virtually no problem because of superior Japanese genes, or some hoo-hah. If there is hardly any testing, and no one seems to ever get it, then the hospitals are obviously humming along under their normal workload. Since Covid obviously isn't the issue, then maybe the Japanese healthcare worker has just always been overworked? /s

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Not just essential workers. Many of my friends here working from home can't seem to disconnect from their company till midnight. And connect 7 days a week. Very convenient for companies.

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That's why don't spread the virus

If ya consider frontline healthcare workers to be heroes, then don't insult them by burdening them with even more work than they already get

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