Owner of boat swept across Pacific by tsunami doesn't want it back


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“The owner told us it is not needed anymore,” said the spokesman.

Why not? It damn sure is sea worthy! Sail across the Pacific solo.

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As a Canadian tax payer I hope Japan compensates accordingly for the cost of scrapping the boat.

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Looking at the state of the Canadian navy, they could take over the ship and put it into commission to patrol the arctic from all our foes!

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Saw this story on the TV the other day and evidently it would cost over $100,000 in fuel costs to bring it back to Japan. Plus the owner already did all the paperwork to give up his rights to the boat. Seems like he can't be bothered with the hassle of bringing it back. Part of me says I don't blame him, but the other part of me says it is not right for it to become the problem of another country. Doubt anyone could foresee this sort of thing happening and it will be interesting to see if there is a constructive means to settle this issue.

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Blow a hole in it and let it sink to the bottom. And Bob's your uncle.

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Blow a hole in it and let it sink to the bottom. And Bob's your uncle.

Defuel and de-oil it first, or your uncle Bob will disown you.

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The ship has some value as scrap so it shouldn't be too hard to find someone willing to take it.

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As a Japanese tax payer I hope that this dude will pay for scrapping the boat.

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If the owner has already legally given up his rights to the boat then I can't imagine there's any legal reason why he should have to pay to have the boat scrapped. He probably even received compensation from his insurance company for the loss. This probably not the first time something like this has happened. I imagine that it's more of an issue between the two governments at this stage.

If this boat has any real value to it at all, then somebody will probably come forward to claim it.

What about putting part of it in a museum? Kinda of remarkable that it made it all the way across the ocean after all that.

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Of course he doesn't want it back. If he took it back he would have to pay back the insurance money received.

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In theory if he has been paid out by the insurance company then it becomes the property of the insurance company, and normally they will have it scrapped.

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Quite a story though. Not a small boat by any means. Marie Celeste all over again. If there had been a cat on board and a hold full of sanma then this could have helped disney recoup their losses on that Carter film. If anything it is a testimony to the expanse and might of the ocean. It can be so forgiving and so brutal. If only there had been a webcam onboard it would have made for the ultimate silent film. Not trying to be crass.

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It is scrap!

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I'm sure the owner got his insurance money for the "lost" fishing boat. If he "finds" his missing boat, he'll have to pay back the money, which he most likely spent it.

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He is a wise man. it will be cheapper to let the ship

lost. Getting back will be very expensive.

Besides japanese people is veri "kechi"

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Use it as target practice.

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