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Pair of mangoes goes for record ¥500,000 at season's first auction


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I've got a brand new pair of coconuts.....

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You know you have too much money if you're paying $2,000 plus for a mango

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Cue the jokes. Mine were moderated last year - but 太陽の卵 - there's no end with that.

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Meh... people pay that much for a bottle of wine and it never gets a mention. Why shouldn't a mango get the same treatment?

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Try to export that one!

size of exports economy ranking puts JP in fourth slot. About half of Germanys exports but well ahead of SK, France, Netherlands, Italy and a no.9 UK.

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I bet they taste like... (drums). Like mangoes.

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Something is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

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You don't spend 500,000 yen for two mangoes, you spend it to get mentioned in numerous media outlets. It's big advertising at a pretty low price. Except..... they didn't mention the name of the "local produce wholesale company" that bought them.

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Has to be a tax deduction.

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Haha, I was going to mention exactly that,  the company got NO mention LOL!!! Waste of Y500,000!

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@JohnBecker Yes, they definitely are paying for media exposure and probably got their money's worth. Multiple Japanese media such as Asahi, named produce wholeseller, "Kuredo Miyazaki" as the winning bidder.

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They look very delicious and real sweet! But, I will never have enough cash to buy these amazing Miyazaki Mangos ;( The fact that there are people here able to purchase fruit at record prices,is a sign of a healthy economy that is ticking along real good. More positive signs.

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Gimme a South Asian or Thai mango any day of the week.

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Idiotic. Donate to a charity if you're going to waste money on some fruit.

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Excellent advertising and marketing plan. For mangoes, I'll take Philippine mangoes please. Cebu. Best I've ever had.

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Tis is what happens when you're rich and give your wife your salary.

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I just bought, two pairs actually.

Tasted in front of strangers and felt luxury right away.

It was kind of deja vu feeling.

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Hmmm. spend 25 nights at a reasonable hotel, or eat 2 mangos..What to do, what to do.

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 Except..... they didn't mention the name of the "local produce wholesale company" that bought them.

It was mentioned in the Japanese articles, and that's all that matters. I can't see gaijin lining up to pay 540,000 yen for a set of mangoes (basically they are breaking even on price - quite a deal). Iwataya main store, though, if you are interested.

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